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  1. Getting a Shower When Opening the Door

    Valuable lesson learned 2 days ago. Was pouring here in Ohio, stopped for breakfast and upon re-entering my JTR, a torrent of water drenched my left leg, drivers door electronics, and drivers mat. Heard about it but never experienced it till then. Next stop was the paint store, looked for an...
  2. Anyone running 35s on stock wheels without issues?

    I ran Nitto Terra Grapplers (35's) on stock Rubicon wheels for a month or so without any issues whatsoever. Finally changed the wheels to Fuels in order to get the look and off-set I wanted.
  3. Aux Battery Charging?

    Update. Dealer was unable to duplicate the problem and told me the battery(s) were fully charged and holding it (I had it on a charger all night and a 20 mile trip to the dealer), so they sent me home and told me to return if the problem resurfaces. Hopefully it had something to do with the...
  4. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Bada$$ !! Count me in for one as soon as the site become available to order.
  5. Say "Hello!" to my little friend...

    Anything but a spider!! BTW, how long was your trucked parked? Indiana's to close to Ohio to chance this encounter. Think I'll move my JT every couple of hours!!
  6. Warn VR EVO 10 10,000lbs Steel Cable Winch

    You can get a Warn mounting plate directly from Warn for half of what the Mopar plate costs and will fit your stock bumper. Warn P/N is 101255, cost was $296.00 last time I looked.
  7. Aux battery is still charging

    @JeepCares - this thread is identical to the one I started and engaged you on last week. Seems our members are getting the run-around on this issue with no resolution. This is a critical issue that requires FCA and jeepcares intervention, yet there’s been no concrete solution. C’mon, it’s 2021...
  8. Aux Battery Charging?

    Kate - PM sent (I believe, but just in case), Thanks for the response. Yes the problem is still ongoing. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet due to the weather in this area, but plan to next week. In the meantime, I'm keeping the JTR on a battery tender (note it only has 7209 miles on it)...
  9. Aux Battery Charging?

    OK, new development. Called the dealer again to take the JTR in to have the battery checked, and this SA I talked to said that the ASS feature "is designed" to disable itself when the outside temperatures are cold (he said he believes it's below 30F), as a measure to prevent draining the...
  10. Remote start with phone

    I agree with @Linx. Gotta have the 8.4 with Guardian services enabled (e.g. subscription through Sirius).
  11. Cold air intake and steering stabilizer worth it?

    My .02 is to skip the CAI, but definitely replace the stabilizer. That was my first mod for $100 and well worth it (went with Fox 2.0) and it made a great difference. Followed with the steering TSB and the steering tightened up significantly. Good luck.
  12. Aux Battery Charging?

    Had to happen when we have the coldest weather this year, and we're slated to possibly get 10-20 inches of snow by Friday (how can I play with a bad battery? :)). Called my dealer and they "haven't replaced many" but said it will be replaced under warranty if it's (they're) defective. I just...
  13. Aux Battery Charging?

    That's terrible!! You can see from my pic that I only have 7209 miles on it, always garaged etc. What a PITA if I'll need to replace the battery (either one) in the near future. Thanks for the information gents.
  14. Aux Battery Charging?

    Yesterday I noticed that my stop/start function wasn't engaging. I flipped through the notifications and found the attached. Has anyone seen this before and s it normal? If so, how long does the aux battery take to charge? I drove about 18 miles yesterday and it still said it was charging...
  15. Alarm Indicator Location?

    It works! Went into the garage where it's pitch black and locked the truck. Saw the light blinking for the first time. Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
  16. Alarm Indicator Location?

    Thanks guys, I'm checking it now.
  17. Alarm Indicator Location?

    And just so I'm sure, the alarm activates when you lock the doors correct?
  18. Alarm Indicator Location?

    Excellent, thanks much. I've never seen that, so I may have to have it checked. Thanks Pepe!!
  19. Alarm Indicator Location?

    OK, I've checked the manual and checked my JTR, but I'm unable to see any indication (flashing indicator etc) that the alarm is activated. Can anyone point me to where it is? I have an alarm, but curious now if it's working or not.