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  1. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Can you get it in all black?
  2. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    No matter what, I'm going to figure out a way to still run floor mats. Maybe something like the weatherTech that fill out the tub won't slip around. I know over time floor mats look like crap, but then you just replace them. The same will hapen to the top of the Armor Lite, but it's...
  3. Is it dumb to wait on MY 2023?

    I hope it doesn’t get etorque
  4. Interest in: LongRanger AUX tank in the spare tire location

    I'd be up for a larger OEM tank replacement as well, but that is not going to net the same gains. Of course, I'll take an extra 5, 8, 10gallons. But I want even more fuel than that. They already have a 17gallon Aux tank for petrol, but that tank will not work for the diesel. A spare tire...
  5. Interest in: LongRanger AUX tank in the spare tire location

    Who would be interested in a AUX tank that went in the spare tire location? This would be similar to the Land Cruiser and 4Runner units they already have. Something that fits from frame rail to frame rail and from the pumpkin tapering up to the rear bumper would most likely hold 30-40gallons...
  6. AmorLite Floor Liner

    I’m going to run these and mats. Armorlite for dust and clean ability, but the floor mats will catch all the mud and bigger stuff. Plus the mats will be cheaper to replace once they get old and ugly
  7. What Jeep Gladiator aftermarket products would you like to see?

    Dual Batteries for the diesel Larger OEM tank replacement AUX fuel tank for both Petrol and diesel that goes where the spare tire is. Similar to a LC or 4R unit from LRA. Snorkel for the diesel ARB twin compressor mount under the hood for the Diesel.
  8. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    Forced air inline 6 with a manual. Or, paddle shifters on the diesel. Larger gas tank regardless of configuration. Window buttons on the door and more Aux switches on the dash.
  9. Calling All JT Owners with Bed Outlet: Need Your Help

    I didn't figure MOPAR/JEEP had something bigger, I was thinking couldn't you take the OEM one out and put something bigger in the same spot?
  10. Calling All JT Owners with Bed Outlet: Need Your Help

    Where is the OE inverter located? Can it be switched out with a higher capacity unit?
  11. Bed Power - Main Battery?

    Where is the inverter? Can it be upgraded?
  12. Why Rooftop Tent?

    For me it is all about speed. I have a hard shell Autohome Columbus Variant. Sub 30 second set up and being lazy 120 second stow time. I rarely ever stay in the same place for more than one night. Always traveling to another location. Another Trail to run. Another trail to hike, bike, or...
  13. SuperPacific Switchback X1 Canopy Camper for Gladiators!

    Nothing yet. There is a big thread over on expeditionportal as well, but no Gladiator stuff yet. SP seems active on social media, but no gladiators there either.
  14. Gladiator dual swing rear bumper prototype renderings.

    Do the wings not bolt to the rear main bumper? If they are, seeing the separation in this picture, could be cured with a tighter tolerance to the bolt size. If they aren't, they should be. If I get this bumper, I'd buy it bare anyways, and just weld the three pieces together.
  15. AmorLite Floor Liner

    Anyone going to run the ArmorLite?
  16. Has anyone's start-stop system just... stopped working?

    It really sounds like the second you receive any new Jeep the first thing you do is push in all the fuses, drive it home, and put in a dual battery system. Seems these the causes of 90% of the issues reported.
  17. Has anyone's start-stop system just... stopped working?

    CrazyCooter, You are in lucky. Genesis posted a youtube video answering questions. The second questions was about a diesel unit. They are indeed developing a diesel system.
  18. Has anyone's start-stop system just... stopped working?

    Yeah, my guess would be bad little battery. Plus don't forget to get the update that has the ESS go off the big battery. Or, better yet, just upgrade to a dual Odyssey battery system like Genesis. I plan on having the Genesis system waiting in the garage for the day I bring the new JT home.
  19. AEV JT350/JT370

    I think you can send them any JT. If you go 370, I believe they switch out the sport flares for Rubicon flares.
  20. Gladiator dual swing rear bumper prototype renderings.

    Lostwoods, I see where my iPhone shortened response lead to a miss understanding to what I intended. You are correct the current JCR design does not lend itself to being modified to an aluminum/steel hybrid design. I meant that a hybrid aluminum steel design could be done. The substructure...