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  1. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    My paypal account is ready for purchase!!!
  2. Another led tail light option

    Same here...waiting for the Oracle. I am really liking the design!
  3. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    I am definitely interested!
  4. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    Looking good!!!
  5. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    Send me a pair and I'll test them out for you and post videos!
  6. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    At first, I thought they were a little Ridgeline ish...but you kept alot of the Gladiator accents...I'll order as soon as available!
  7. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    They look better than I even imagined....I'll be the first to try them out!
  8. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    So, I had installed a 10" rockville sub when I had the 7" factory radio installed...everything worked. I purchased the 8.4" factory and everything was fine except no rear speakers (sound bar). I went back to the 7" they worked again. At this point I was fed-up with the whole thing so I...
  9. New Jersey 7 inch radio and bezel for sale

    7 inch radio and bezel for sale. Excellent condition. $500...willing to ship if you pay for shipping. Located in NJ (long beach island area) for pick up as well.
  10. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    Update...I while back I installed the Rockville 10" sub and then recently upgraded to the 8.4". I had no sound from the rear speakers after a "sleep" cycle. This weekend, I uninstalled the sub and re-installed it and all the wiring. Everything works!!! My advice if you are upgrading, unhook...
  11. Help with installing a line out converter

    I am installing a line out converter for my 10" powered sub. I was wondering if I can install it (tap into the rear speaker wire) in the pillar where the wires go up to the sound bar or does it have to be installed closer to the factory radio?
  12. Snow Plow for JT

    where did you purchase from? Did you install yourself?
  13. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    UPDATE!!! I re-installed the 8.4" and waited 2 days and a few sleep cycles...still no rear speakers. I unplugged the aftermarket sub (rockville 10") and boom...rear speakers work! I plugged the sub back in and I am good! Not sure what happened, but I am a very happy camper! Ill let you know...
  14. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    I let it sit for a good 2 days. I have not heard that is normal. I can totally re-install it and give it more time/sleep cycles. Thanks for that!!!
  15. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    Looking for an you think the radio can be defective or maybe just a dealer flash?
  16. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    I have been trying all week to get an answer from All Mopar about possible defective head unit and they keep giving me the run around. They may have good prices, but their customer service is the worst!!!
  17. 8.4" factory sound from rear speakers

    I purchased the 8.4" Uconnect from All Mopar Parts. I have a Rubicon with 7"....easy swap...after about 30 minutes everything works except the rear speakers/sound bar. I go back to the 7" and the rear speakers work. Re-install the 8.4" and the rear speakers work, but after about 30 minutes, no...
  18. Max Tow Turn Signal and DRL upgrade

    I did mine almost a year ago...If I recall, they are direct plug and play. The hardest part was the double sided tape holding the top of the stock light to the fender. It is definitely easier to remove the fenders, but you don't have too. I was able to do one with the fender attached, but the...
  19. 8.4 u connect with nav part # ?

    I plan on ordering the same radio from Benny. Is is basically plug and play or did you have to do anything wire related? Thanks for the write up!