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  1. Joined the Gladiator cracked window club

    Yep. I've too learned not to replace it until I absolutely have to.
  2. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    Exactly. Only 30 minutes away. Been going out there for 30+ years. Long before the area became the Agua Fria National Monument, closing off huge chunks of land/trails.
  3. Leaking axle seal?

    Just got mine back from the dealer. Had to wait a week to get the axle but they installed it in about 3 hours. No problems no questions. Told me it was a seal but replaced the axle because it "came as a unit". This was the first one this dealer had seen but could somehow tell a lot of units are...
  4. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    I've installed many lockers, nothing prevents me from installing a front. Getting out of my rig to disconnect my sway bar prevents me from nothing and skid plates lol. You are just parroting what you heard from others. If I was building a rock crawler this time, it would be a Wrangler not a JT...
  5. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    Haha! Nope. Been wheelin on the rocks for 35 years, you'll see me on the same trails as yourself. However I wont be slowing everyone else down anymore just getting to the trail head. This time I'm building a more of an all purpose rig. I'll put my Mojave anywhere you will put yours. I may use...
  6. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    ....And please stay to the right so as not to slow the rest of us down. ; )
  7. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    Off Road Plus button question. Is there any difference between the Rubi and Mojave or do they perform the same? I thought it was a gimmick....Until I pushed the button. My passengers now wear seatbelts. lol.
  8. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    Rubi people trying to justify not buying a Mojave. LOL. Reminds me of sport people trying to justify not buying a Rubi.
  9. Leaking axle seal?

    Just told they are replacing my rear passenger axle as well. I'm going to pick it up now and will bring it back next Wednesday once they get the part. It's a 2021. I'll get the MDH once it gets home.
  10. Leaking axle seal?

    Do you have more details on that? Have there already been issues? Couldn't it just be a bad axel or improperly installed axel? Damn I would hate for it to be the whole housing.
  11. Leaking axle seal?

    Thanks for the update. I was afraid of that. I will be calling the dealer Monday morning.
  12. Leaking axle seal?

    I noticed the same thing on my 2021 Mojave today. less than 3500 miles. Did you get it fixed yet? What was your outcome?
  13. Rear gear fluid leak less than 3500 miles.

    Out on a trip yesterday. Drove it pretty fast and hard in dusty and sandy conditions. Getting ready to head out again and noticed I'm leaking gear oil from passenger rear axel. Has anyone experienced this? Wondering if the dealer will blame this on 35 inch tires?
  14. wanna lift your Mojave. (And not ruin it)

    So this was engineered to do this by Teraflex?
  15. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    Has anybody put together a list of things/parts that are specific to the Mojave only? For instance shock mounts use larger hardware than other trims. Or Seat covers that say "fit all" Gladiator trims but forget to say except the Mojave. Has anybody ran into other issues?
  16. wanna lift your Mojave. (And not ruin it)

    Looking at the Clayton TB now. Do you know if the TB hardware for the gladiator is the same for all trims? Only questing this because I'm finding not all things are. For instance shock mounts.
  17. wanna lift your Mojave. (And not ruin it)

    I hear ya. If I was looking for a maximum amount flex then I could see it. But not this project. I'm looking for more stability and control. I'm looking for another TB.