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  1. Spare Suggestion for 20s w 35s

    This is exactly what I was thinking. I just put a 35 on my existing spare rim. Not sure how you would do damage with different sized tires. The diff allows them to spin at different speeds. Otherwise, we would be grinding gears whenever we were not driving straight. Many cars come with smaller...
  2. Long buzz/humm when you turn it off? Also smells kinda hot?

    I believe that sound happens when you’re low on blinker fluid. When it’s low the pump is running dry and that’s the sound you here. Also, if you haven’t noticed, when you go in reverse you can hear the ghost that haunts all Gladiators.
  3. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Im not sure who makes it. I believes it’s called a Detail L2, from Home Depot.
  4. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Brought home my first gun safe. Picking up my fist rifle (lower receiver) in 10 days. So I gotta be ready.
  5. I Don’t Like Campers Trip Journal: Tonto National Forest Trip With Gladiator, ZR2, Canyon

    Yeah, if was doing rough enough off roading, I would want to haul my load. Not tow it. Seems a lot easier. But, owning a glamper, I know the luxuries hidden inside.
  6. My Gladiator problems

    Sorry to hear about your issues. From reading your post, it does seem like you have one good thing going for you. It seems like your dealer is taking care of you. I would wait to get it back and see if you have any further issues. I am almost at 10k miles and its been a solid truck. Hopefully...
  7. Towing 6500lbs with the Overland

    The Max Tow is a Rubicon without all the added weight of the armor and Rubicon accessories, like the swaybar disconnect. Also has smaller tires. So you get the most torque to the ground and a lighter truck. This allows for greater towing. Also the Max tow rear springs are maximized for reducing...
  8. 35s on Stock Wheels

    I have a couple thousand on them now. They are not any louder than the stuck MT tires. I didn’t notice any noise difference at all.
  9. Get a duck yet?

    I'm crying, laughing at what I wrote. I really need to pay more attention.
  10. Get a duck yet?

    Oh man! that did not look right at all! I changed it. LOL
  11. Get a duck yet?

    I got DUCKED for the first time last week. I was with my daughter and target. We saw the couple Ducking my JT as we were heading out of target. At first I just thought they were checking the JT out. My daughter thought it was amazing. She already loves the Jeep and the little Jeep things that...
  12. Cancelled my Bronco Reservation Today!

    Oh yeah. Just like I loved the Gladiator before I drove it. it’s online car dating. 😍
  13. Cancelled my Bronco Reservation Today!

    I’m probably the only gladiator owner on the Bronco6G forum. But I’m in a unique position, because I chose the Gladiator over the Bronco, but then my wife decided to take my bronco reservation. So I still like being a part of the forum. I’m usually the biggest Jeep sympathizer on there. I love...
  14. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Just a basic bro lift here. 1.5” spacers up front and 3/4” in the rear. Cooper Evolutions MT 35x12.5x17. Stock Rubi wheels.
  15. Cancelled my Bronco Reservation Today!

    You go on the Bronco forum and the members say how the solid front axle of the jeep makes it undrivable as a daily driver. You go on the Jeep forum and members say how the IFS is going to make it unusable as a crawler. Yet folks are driving wranglers everywhere, as daily drivers, happy as...
  16. Autotrader WTF Sightings

    They should have mounted a few speakers in those rims.
  17. Standard front Rubicon bumper or Steel ?

    I love that bumper. Looks awesome.
  18. Standard front Rubicon bumper or Steel ?

    I bought mine off the lot and it had a steal bumper. It’s not bad looking but not my favorite. But since I have it, I’ll keep it. I run it stubby style. I think it looks best that way.
  19. Heater/defroster temperature control is TERRIBLE...anyone else have the same issue?

    I just read through the two threads you linked earlier, and it seems like they cooperate that it's just the way this system is. But it does look like there is a possible flash or update in one of the post. Certainly doesn’t hurt to try that. I’m taking it in for an oil change soon, so I’ll have...