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  1. Boards for improvised bridge?

    Given there is about 10 feet of length from windshield to tailgate, a bed rack and roof rack could probably be set up to carry 10 foot boards. When overlanding or off-roading, is it practical to carry a couple 2x12x10 or 4x12x10 to make a makeshift bridge to cross? You see such apparatuses being...
  2. Jeep will not power all the way off?

    Tag for later for me to mark
  3. Turning off all electronic nannies...

    Having it cut off while reaching the top of a big icy hill and sliding down backwards into an area with parked cars is an experience.
  4. Roof Rack That Allows Top Removal?

    oh so like a bed rack that extends over the roof?
  5. Roof Rack That Allows Top Removal?

    Doesnt the JCR half rack allow roof removal? It doesnt bolt into the roof, and looks to move with the roof
  6. This would be cool on a Gladiator. Rat Patrol!

    If you're planning on putting it on the middle roll bar, it should work. If you're planning on putting it on a bed rack, the concussion from the muzzle will probably damage the top.
  7. How many miles do you change your oil?

    Agreed, makes it easy. of course so does the gauge on oil percentage
  8. People have gone mad on the interstate!

    Reminds me of this video
  9. Jeep JT 4xe Weight/Payload/Towing

    Placeholder thread for when we get more details on the JT hybrid. How much will it weigh? What will be the GVWR? Looks like the Sahara 4xe has 1000lbs more GVWR than the gas model, with about 100lbs less payload. Wonder how that works? Saharah 4xe GVWR: 6200lbs compared to 5400ish on gas JLUS...
  10. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    Will hopefully be getting my Jeep back today. The shop is waiting on...wait for it...a rock rail. Apparently it got scuffed and being a "textured part" it has to be replaced. I said don't bother, I paid $150 for the set, there are 3 more on FB marketplace for $200, and it's a freakin rock rail...
  11. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    So does this mean I get all the pinstripes on one side removed 😅
  12. Newsflash: Overlands aren’t just Mall Crawlers!

    Because it's fun. And, knowing you can do it. I personally take such puddles slow
  13. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    Thanks. Insurance company's body shop estimated under $800. My shop estimated $4200 and insurance company agreed.
  14. Storage question

    The secured storage is an option that comes with one of the packages.
  15. How well are Gladiator's holding their value?

    It's the mileage that kills the value. Comparing the same 2 vehicles, one with 2 accidents totaling $5k in repairs, and another with no accidents, the sell value is a $2k difference. If I try the same vehicles, even with the reported accidents, but say only 12k miles the value goes way up
  16. How well are Gladiator's holding their value?

    Carvana offered me $27k Looking at for used JTs with my options, closest I could find is 30k miles for $35k
  17. How well are Gladiator's holding their value?

    Depends on mileage. My $46.5k sticker Max Tow is now worth around $30k after 36k miles in 16mo.
  18. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    An inconvenience for sure. It will be a month total to get it fixed between inspections authorizations and actual repairs. Sliders dont mean much if they dont take the impact, unfortunately. Are there any that pivot up to cover these parts? Something like this but not leaving the pinch seams...
  19. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    that is one aspect to the problem yes. I am sure that the insurance company has a lot of experience in knowing what is needed and now for certain impacts and how to sift through bs. Mine actually authorized $3900, the bill is expected to be $4200, the $300 discrepancy is what Jeep charges to...
  20. Repairs can get EXPENSIVE

    I have the Rubicon rock sliders installed. Unfortunately I was a couple inches short of the vehicle hitting the sliders, and they hit the panel. Or maybe he DID hit the rock rail and it pushed in that part of the panel anyway. There was paint from his front bumper on the panel even after washing...