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  1. All is fair...

    Great work! Do you know how many Jeep Gladiator are currently in Germany?
  2. -- 2020+ Gladiator Picture Game --

    [Winter is over... I think I should act now or never...] We don’t have frozen water fountain here because we know it’s better to empty them when the leaves fall in Autumn!!! So, here it is; a Canadian Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition next to a “frozen” winterized Canadian water fountain! [Next...
  3. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    The Skyrim way or the Cupid way?
  4. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    Effectively, it’s not cheap. And I’m not sure about how it will look. I think the JT bed is higher than the JL trunk, isn’t?
  5. Alexa, Start my jeep!

    Please, Number Five: Remove the Jeep’s doors!
  6. Does 4WD shifting get easier?

    Yes, with a bit of practice you can use the transfer case while rolling but at full stop as well. It’s just a matter of switching between D and N and releasing the brake at the right time. To test it in your driveway, just use the hand brake to make it as if you were stuck. It appears to me that...
  7. Issue with Proximity Keyless Entry

    I never found the answer. I faced the problem again last week after months of trouble free service. Only the time of one start. Then everything is right again.
  8. Factory Rubicon steel rear bumper with back up sensor holes?

    It was part of the LE package. I got it straight “with no options”!!!
  9. Factory Rubicon steel rear bumper with back up sensor holes?

    I have steel rear bumper on my 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Launch Edition. It has both the backup sensors and tow hooks. I don’t see a part number on a it for now, but I can try again later with more light. It’s a mix of different parts with the plastic trim, lights, deflector, sensors, etc...
  10. Backup camera when the tailgate is down?

    Rotating like the licence plate holder of the old Subaru Baja when the tailgate was down. If you’re not concerned about getting the picture upside down, a plain or convex mirror fixed just below the camera on a frictionless hinge and bottom-weighted: it should follows the gravity and get nearly...
  11. Backup camera when the tailgate is down?

    It’s also funny to see my passengers (or others cars occupants) reacting when I’m joking and parking or getting at one inch of a pole, wall or car in front of the Jeep using the front camera! But don’t do this in a slope behind another car in a traffic jam!!!
  12. I wish the logo was the same color as the JT you are driving

    Every screens match my White Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Launch Edition... ;) except the Tire Fill Alert that looks like a white RAM... and the splash screen that doesn’t feature the colour matching fender, that as shown in this picture from another thread is curiously not a Rubicon for the Launch...
  13. Gladiator in snow - disappointment?

    And you’re right about trying and testing a lot with the Jeep’s transfer case, lockers, traction and stability control, etc. It’s also essential learning how to play between Neutral and Drive and even Handle Brake to go from 2H to 4H to 4L then back, in motion or not. There’s a saying about the...
  14. Gladiator in snow - disappointment?

    Sort of Maritime Madness I guess!!!
  15. Stuff I wish vendors made...

    And also combined with an heating / defrosting option!
  16. Seems CB radios are out and GMRS radios are in.

    I forgot states requiring a GMRS licence...:facepalm:
  17. Seems CB radios are out and GMRS radios are in.

    I think there is another thread about this article. But CB is not dead. It’s just another tool to have in your Jeep. And while at it, because there’s so much room and aux possibilities, get the radio devices trio with a quad band vhf/uhf, a hf CB and a scanner. With a licence you can even add...
  18. What is this shape on the inside of the tailgate for?

    It's the perfect size for a magnum (1500ml / 50oz)...
  19. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    It’s fun to wash the front camera. But it would be cool for the backup camera too!