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  1. It's that pesky weight thing again

    What an awesome looking build. I also have a red gladiator rubicon. Looking at yours gives me envy. Well done! Also I pray peace for you and your family. Enjoy every moment you have!
  2. Gladiator Rubicon "Red Bare" Easter Jeep Safari Concept Previewed with Mopar Half Doors

    I didn’t catch that at first either. They do look bolted individually.
  3. Gladiator Rubicon "Red Bare" Easter Jeep Safari Concept Previewed with Mopar Half Doors

    I want that bed rack and bed cover combo. Anyone know what that combo is ?
  4. Advice on another Jeep

    I may not be much help but to say... My wife loves my gladiator so much we are seriously considering trading the “family car” -Hyundai palisade in to get her a Wrangler. If they released a color she couldn’t resist it would be a done deal, although the palisade is very comfortable/luxurious...
  5. Body mount bolt

    I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I actually ventured over to the JL forum and there is a 36 page thread over there on this exact issue. Skimming through it now. Thanks.
  6. Body mount bolt

    Wasnt 100% sure where to post this. Anyways I was installing my ACE engineering rock sliders today. Followed instructions on YouTube video. Got passenger side done and all is well. Started removing body mount bolt on front driver side. Got the bolt about 1/3 inch out and all of a sudden it...
  7. Is my brother making the wrong move?

    I owned a 2016 F-150 lariat that was loaded with creature comforts. The truck rode amazing, the space was incredible. Unfortunately it started having Tons of electrical problems just out of warranty on top of the 3 times it was in shop under warranty. Anyways... I used to think mid size...
  8. “Dealing with Rokbloks when you pay and their product never shows up.”

    I’ll just add my quick .02c They are a bit of a pain to install. The real frustration is putting the darn things together (for the rears). If you watch the YouTube videos instead of using their instructions it helps A TON. At this price point they should be pre assembled, nothing will change...
  9. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    I also have a Siberian husky and two kids. I'm liking this. How difficult was the install? What was the cost? Thanks.
  10. TrailRax's Gulwing Bed Rack

    This looks like a great option. Look forward to seeing pricing soon.
  11. Mud guards for Rubicon??

    Yes, the cutout is very nice. Great quality stuff. Just a pain to assemble.
  12. Mud guards for Rubicon??

    I installed the Rokblokz approximately three weeks ago now. Have been meaning to leave a review. On a gladiator rubicon btw. They are expensive. However the quality is top notch. They are solid and sturdy but also have good flex when under pressure (can bend back to the rock rails with no...
  13. New Wheels and 37’s for the Launch

    Just wanted to check back in and see if you mounted these. Very interested in what this looks like installed.
  14. Get a duck yet?

    Great idea, that'd be the perfect environment. I'd definitely be bummed too if my kids were there to see that nonsense.
  15. Get a duck yet?

    Always gonna be people like this. Sorry for your bad experience.
  16. Get a duck yet?

    I’ve never been ducked here in TN. But I just bought an assortment of 25 off Amazon. Time to spread some smiles. Also I’m sure my kiddos will think it’s a blast to put ducks on people’s Jeeps.
  17. “Turning a lemon into Snazzberry lemonade”

    Sorry to hear that. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  18. “Turning a lemon into Snazzberry lemonade”

    What finally happened to the RAM? Or did I miss something in the story.
  19. Did you buy your JT because of the bed or for towing???

    Definitely wanted a Jeep but have missed my truck since I sold it several years ago. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s as fun/cool as my mustang GT was. But as practical to my needs as my F-150 was. Fun and utility in one!
  20. New Wheels and 37’s for the Launch

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing these installed.