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  1. A list compiled by you. The 5 most loved and hated Jeep Mods.

    Love the vids as well! Keep em coming
  2. A list compiled by you. The 5 most loved and hated Jeep Mods.

    Yeah I typed the “banned sites” name in and it automatically translated it to that. So let’s see if I can type it in another way lol. W.a.y.a l.I.F.E. If you catch my drift haha. His videos are always pretty informative on installs. I was on there forum once and said something bout this forum...
  3. A list compiled by you. The 5 most loved and hated Jeep Mods.

    I like tewltalks vids. I really like jk gear and gadget and Jeep gear and gadgets, the story till now, [Banned Site], and trail recon. But I HATE lite brite and mr and mrs overlander. Both channels give me a headache. I really enjoy tfl too
  4. Gladiator Rubicon "Red Bare" Easter Jeep Safari Concept Previewed with Mopar Half Doors

    I thought that was a tonneau cover that still gives access to the bed rails, but it looks like they are bolted individually when you zoom in, not interested in that anymore.
  5. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Yeah Jeep should do that from the factory. Looks so much better
  6. Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield Replacement Now Available For JT Gladiator

    Cool to see they have something stronger but mopar, should be including these on new builds.
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Have you checked out the rugged ridge kit, so you don’t have to cut a hole in your hood? And you can change the snorkel out to a low profile if you want.

    Another interesting take
  9. Which exhaust is everyone opting for

    Check out jk g and g on YouTube. I personally like the sound of afe’s

    At least the ivermectin will take care of my heart worms as well haha.
  11. Jeep Gladiator 4xe Hybrid PHEV confirmed in the works - by Jeep President Christian Meunier

    Yes I can’t wait for this powertrain, also hoping to see the tornado engine hopefully coming to the gladiator as well!
  12. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    Choice of a rear locker on models other than a Rubicon, choice of high line fenders, modular hard top, choice of 4.56 or 4.88 gears since 37s are becoming more popular.