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  1. What price shenanigans have you seen dealerships do?

    Dealer tried to sell me “their” warranty program after I explicitly stated I wanted the MOPAR warranty. Then they tried to tell me they couldn’t order the MOPAR warranty. Then when I said I would pay for it myself after the sale, they magically remembered how. Badmouthing the MOPAR warranty all...
  2. 2020 JTR in Firecracker Red

    Update: Picked up my Jewel at the dealer, they had completed the 2” MOPAR lift install. Looks great, handles great. Much more firm than stock. Also the dealer confirmed the leaking glass on the hard top and have ordered replacement glass.
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Picked up my jewel after the dealer installed the MOPAR lift. Loved the drive home, felt it handled better than the 2021 had with the MetalCloak lift (RIP Gladys). Height seems good. Next up, shoes.
  4. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    ...and I will add to cart as soon as they do. :giggle:
  5. Cooking while overlanding.

    Careful w/ that typo, who knows what might show up in your browser history ... :CWL: ... is this the place?
  6. Which hard tri fold bedcover?

    Same - I had the MOPAR tri-fold and felt is wasn’t worth the $1200-1300. It provided minimal security (anyone with a knife could get in). I could never really access the forward-most third of the bed (near the cab). Folks that I’be seen flip up that third of it, they ca’t see out the window...
  7. So Angry - Rear Ended

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt, and that yours wasn’t more damaged. Mine was totaled.
  8. Roof leak in back

    Bought a leftover 2020 JTR last weekend, and as this was the first time it really rained, am now seeing the window leak for the first time. Sent an email to my dealer. I will also PM @JeepCares with my VIN number to get the case escalated. I hate to think what damage may have been done with...
  9. North Carolina Under seat storage box 500

    How do you re-key it for a new owner, who has different ignition keys?
  10. 2020 JTR in Firecracker Red

    Update: Today I ran the power and video cables for my Thinkware 1000 front and rear dash cams. I would have installed and hardwired them but I lost a few hours taking apart the center console, looking for some washers and bolts that got sucked down between the seat and console. So yeah, learned...
  11. 2020 JTR in Firecracker Red

    Start planning now and put in some orders for the things you need ASAP, so you can get right to tinkerin' :)
  12. Save 10% Sitewide at ACE!

    Do your winch-capable bumpers work with the Harbor Freight BADLADS APEX 12000 winch?
  13. 2020 JTR in Firecracker Red

    This older lady was sitting in a dealership for quite some time, with only 37 miles on her. I went to the dealer to look at some 2021s to replace my totalled Pearlescent White JTR, Gladys ... and I couldn't resist. Dealer had knocked the price down and after a lot of signing of papers, I have a...
  14. Say goodnight, Gladys

    Here she is. She's an older lady but very respectable.
  15. Say goodnight, Gladys

    Update for those following this thread: At a dealer signing paper on a 2020 JTR leftover w/ 37 miles, Firecracker Red. She has 25/30 options I wanted and I’m okay with that. Buying the leftover makes the blow a little softer. GEICO has not come back w/ a final number yet (or, in case it’s bad...
  16. All is fair...

    Great vid, thanks for sharing. Is that the silver or the sting-gray?
  17. Discovered a New "Safety" Feature by Accident

    You're right, I was confusing it with "Parksense". My bad. Thanks.
  18. Discovered a New "Safety" Feature by Accident

    I haven't read the police report in a few years but my understanding was the vehicle was in gear, it wasn't gravity that killed him. I'm at peace with the idea of a vehicle needing to be in park for the driver to leave the vehicle - and I'm also at peace with the idea that it can be defeated by...