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  1. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    You'll definitely need to regear. I upgraded my steering and had the Steering box TSB done. I'll be doing the Ball joint delete kit very soon as well. Jeep drives awesome with the 39s though. And just works offroad.
  2. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Very good. Have about 6k miles on them now and very smooth for a 39" MT.
  3. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Clayton 3.5 with BFG 39x13.50r17 on KMC Beadlocks.
  4. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Trimmed the Rubicon rails today to gain a lil clearance at full lock. Did the rears too because they just looked dumb sticking out so far.
  5. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    New Rustys Offroad Aluminum HD steering kit and BFG KM3 39x13.50r17 tires. Now we're talking.
  6. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Got the lift installed finally and immediately took it for a trip to the Smoky Mountains for a few days. Good shake down trip, found a few things I want to change.
  7. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Finally got home after more than 3 months at sea and knocked out a couple mods. Installed the Zeon 10s using the Rockhard winch plate. And threw on the RuggedRidge Armis tonneau cover. Lift will be on in the next couple days.
  8. New Clayton 2.5" Kit!

    Towing is one of the reason I chose @Clayton Off Road. I've been researching their lift ever since Metalcloak released theirs and I was disappointed in the lack of rake. Haven't installed mine yet, but I'm pretty positive I've made the right choice.
  9. Synergy, RPM Steering or Steersmarts Yeti?

    Others make braces, but only Synergy makes the sector shaft brace that incorporates the bearing for the steering box.
  10. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Man it sucks they screwed up the Nitro gears. My shop wouldn't install Yukons this time and they've done 3 sets of Yukon in the past for me. Said they'd moved production to China and he was having multiple warranty issues and were difficult to setup. Now like you, I trust this guy. As I said...
  11. Synergy, RPM Steering or Steersmarts Yeti?

    I'm going through the same dilemma on Tie Rod and Drag Link. I already have the sector brace. Main reason for the brace is you can physically see the gearbox mount flexing when turning with my heavier wheels and tires. I'm leaning RPM because its aluminum and can take a beating. Steersmarts is...
  12. Silvertruck build notes

    Can you link the RPM stabilizer relocation kit? Can't find it on RPM's site at all.
  13. Being able to type Nav while driving...

    Why? I'm responsible enough to put my beer down before trying to look for the bar.
  14. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I've got a replacement set of Clayton front control arms coming since fedex managed to lose or damage the first set. Surprised all 4 rear arms showed up from the condition of the box.
  15. Buying advice.... New 2020 JT Rubicon with 800 miles

    I also bought my Rubicon with a few hundred miles on it. Dealership owner was driving it. Worked in my favor as they actually let me test tow my RV with it to compare to my JKU. And I got a deal when you could barely find a JT on a lot and when you did they were marked up over MSRP.
  16. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Windsor ruins around Gibson MS. Pretty cool ride.
  17. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Finally pulled the trigger on a lift. From the beginning I was dead set on Metalcloak as I loved it on my JKU. Job situation gave me time to research and rat the web. Found myself really liking the Clayton Overland 3.5. Fedex lost or damaged my front control arms so Clayton is shipping a new...
  18. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    JT is so versatile. Offroad, backroads, towing it does it all.
  19. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    Work flow started to settle out so I sprung for some 5.13s. Shop screwed up and installed 4.88 on accident so I got to test out 4.88s for a week. For the record 5.13 is perfect with my setup. Each combo weighs right at 125lbs. Rear axles on these things are thick.
  20. My "Side Chick" (Billet JTR, Clayton 3.5)

    When moneys tight you get excited about little mods. Like these carbon fiber looking door hinge covers. Figured they'd blend in better with the silver than the plain black or look ricer. Turned out looking pretty good and not too stupid. Wheel and tire combo sticks out and was giving the hinges...