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  1. Arizona WTB: Hooke Road Bed Rack

    Thanks can you post a pick when u do?
  2. Arizona WTB: Hooke Road Bed Rack

    Did you get it. I have been considering one myself
  3. JT Gladiator Upper Decker Hinged Cargo Basket Now Available!

    looking forward to pics.
  4. JT Gladiator Upper Decker Hinged Cargo Basket Now Available!

    Looking forward to see what you have done. Still trying to decide if I should go this route
  5. 2020 MOJAVE "CRIXUS"

    How do you like the upper decker?
  6. South Carolina Softopper

    Softopper for sale. I have had it for aprox 4 months. It’s in perfect condition, The reason I’m selling is that I’m going with a rack system that won’t work with it. I’m in Charleston South Carolinia. Asking$700
  7. Go Rhino Rear Bumper feedback / review?

    The quality is really good actually. I have a Rockline full length bumper and I have been looking at this rear.
  8. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    I have had zero leaks. Have you tried to apply wax to that area?
  9. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    Here’s how she is coming along. Get to look outside all day and look at the Mojave. Joys of working from home.
  10. Gator Mojave Build

    I added a bumper. I also ran into my old JLU
  11. Gator Mojave Build

    I will try to get it all together this weekend for you. No other modifications were needed. Please shoot me a message Saturday so I remember.
  12. Gator Mojave Build

    No problems at all. To be honest the rear was hard to get out and back in. The 1.5” front teraflex spacer comes with a extended bump stop. It mounts onto the axle. I thought I had a pic of it but can’t find one. as mentioned previously you will have to reem out the bolt holes if you do...
  13. Trackbar bolt

    Awesome. Thank you
  14. Trackbar bolt

    So I was doing my wife’s JLU lift yesterday and the track bar bolt and nut on the axle side got messed up. I have the same size grade 8 with nut and lock washer right now. But I’m trying to find a replacement part number?
  15. Gator Mojave Build

    Thank you
  16. Gator Mojave Build

    Well I had time today to get the 1.5” Fatbobs garage rear spacer, teraflex bump stop extension and extended rear shock brackets installed today. I’m waiting for my softopper to come in and trying to decide which rack to get. I still need to install the extended LCA’s up front. I have yet...
  17. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojaves

    I ju just ordered my Softtopper. How do you like it?
  18. Softopper coming

    Have u found a pic with this color combo?