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  1. My 2020 JTR Dual Color Gladiator Build

    Great looking JT! You're hoarding all the balls!
  2. 2021 JT Steering Wander...

    I've had two JKs before this JT and they didn't wander like this thing does (even after the TSB). It just gets pushed around on the highway when there's any wind at all.
  3. New 2020 Mojave - Worn White Leather - Get a deal?

    I once had light tan leather in an X5. Once. Never again in any vehicle, let alone white, and definitely not something I'll take off-road. The blue in your jeans alone is enough to stain it.
  4. New JTRD, steering wheel off center and dead spot...

    I'd be very surprised that a brand new 21' vehicle would ship with the aluminum box, but definitely doublecheck this. The TSB certainly improved my dead spot.
  5. Best 37s for daily driver

    I really like the look of the tire in the bed, from the outside. I'm sure I would hate it in that spot from the inside. I had a 37" with the AEV gas tank on my JKU and it did suck not being able to see out your rear view mirror.
  6. Best 37s for daily driver

    Is this the AEV mount? Are you able to see out your rear view mirror at all?
  7. Best 37s for daily driver

    The eight speed transmission fairly easily soaks up the change in tire though you lose 8th unless going downhill. I have a Rubicon with 4.10s. I'm sure 3.73 or less would be a poor experience. Having said that, I'm upgrading to 4.88s, mainly for towing, but also to regain 8th. I'm still...
  8. Best 37s for daily driver

    I have 37s BFG KO2s. Very little road noise, smooth running and decent on icy roads (which I guess is now a thing to worry about in TX?) You probably don't need much of a lift if you don't plan to articulate the jeep (i.e. disconnect sway bar) off road. I have a 2.5" Icon lift and extended...
  9. New Jersey Rebel Off-road XPLOR Jeep Gladiator Bed Rack - Full Height

    Optioned with powder coat black and black hardware 9 months old, never been off-road Reason for sale: going with an RSI Smartcap for enclosed space. Pics to follow $850 -> $800 -> $725 - prefer local pickup or can deliver, assembled, about an hour or so from NJ in PA, NY, CT
  10. Frustrating Shimmy

    So after having the shop check everything axle and suspension related, the only thing left was wheels and tires. After Roadforce balancing all of them, it was found that they all needed about an ounce and the driver front wheel needed more work (something to do with balancing in relation to the...
  11. Frustrating Shimmy

    I have an appointment with the shop who did the install on March 9th to check everything. They are very well known and I have had them look at this before where they checked the torque on everything, this resulted in additional 1oz put on one wheel. This isn't my first time with 37's, but it is...
  12. Frustrating Shimmy

    Fair points. I’ll thoroughly check everything, but this is a year old vehicle that’s never been on anything more than a dirt road. I’d be amazed if 12k miles was enough to wear the ball joints or rod ends.
  13. Frustrating Shimmy

    I'm not sure this follows any particular tire, but I do have an oil change coming up at 12k and will see if the rotation I usually get has any effect. I did think maybe one of them was out of round or something, but you may be onto something. I'm pretty sure the Yeti bar comes with its own...
  14. Frustrating Shimmy

    The Jeep: 2020 JTLE, Icon 2.5" suspension (springs in front, pucks in rear), AEV geo brackets, Savegre II, 37" BFG KO2, Yeti track bar.. 11,500 Miles The suspension was professionally installed in early 2020. The wheels were road force balanced, and everything was rechecked at 500 miles...
  15. AEV Releases Gladiator JT350 & JT370 Packages & Parts

    I’m going to venture a guess that the 350 kit is priced to make the 370 look more attractive.
  16. 37 regrets

    I have a strong feeling you’ll have contact when you take that off-road unless you add bump stops to compensate. You’ll of course lose up travel though.
  17. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Does your paperwork show the wrong part or you inspected it on the Jeep?