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  1. Black rhino Solid in Alligator green

    Those are sharp. Lot more offset than I prefer.
  2. Additional Rear Lighting

    If you don’t have the 2nd tow hook, you can cut in any number of surface mount lights.
  3. RV Towing

    The problem for me with most of the R-pods and micro minnies is the short bed. If that’s at all a consideration, check out the NoBo 19.3. Has double bunks and a full queen murphy bed.
  4. RV Towing

    The trailer you've selected is a nice combination of features and weight for a midsize truck. The payload capacity of the Rubicon trim is certainly something to keep an eye on, but it should be sufficient. Using the full GVW of the trailer isn't necessarily a realistic assessment, at least not...
  5. Current color availability

    The DS 1500 Classic should finally be put out to pasture then, too. ‘23 might finally see the Dakota, too.
  6. Fake trim levels?

    I have some friends who trolled others with a V8 badge on an XJ, another with SRT take-off wheels and an STR6 (from a crossfire) badge on his WK. All in good fun.
  7. Fake trim levels?

    I’m in the other end of the spectrum. Our black JKUR now has flat black hood decals. I’d be hesitant to smack Rubicon take-off wheels and fenders on a JT Sport so I don’t get accused of fakery.
  8. Current color availability

    Both colors seemed like they were very popular and played to the specific qualities of the Gladiator. Made little sense. Hopefully another low-vis color is coming to join Sarge soon.
  9. Manual Trans odd observation.

    Not sure what your previous manuals were, but what you’re describing is pretty normal. Our JK and civic do the same thing. Basically, the ECU knows that applying more throttle at the given RPM would result in shudder or even knocking, so it doesn’t allow more load (intake volume/throttle...
  10. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    Just got a message on Instagram that new orders would ship end of May. I really want to see it with a soft top.
  11. 2021 Gladiator Texas Trail Model Announced & Jeep Badge of Honor Program Adds Two Texas Trails

    Close. This adds popular equipment group($1595) and leather seats($1750) for $930. Relative value. I'm still waiting for a modest North Edition: Cold Weather group Hard Top w/ liner, Switch and tow groups...
  12. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    GM almost went there about 15 years ago. They had the Commodore based Ute, which in 6.0 V8 trim converted to $17k because of the cheap Australian Dollar (at the time).
  13. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    If you go through line by line, its not as bad as that- the Compass had supply problems, stopping production. If you remove that one vehicle from the Jeep stat, Jeep brand is up 16% for the quarter. The low performer is the WK2 Grand cherokee (with only 10% gain), which is being replaced by next...
  14. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    A Dakota reboot has been on and off again for a good while. The DS Ram Classic has been enjoying solid sales, giving Ram stores something cheaper to sell than a DT Ram. the Classic will share its Warren assembly plant with the Wagoneer soon. Eventually, it will make more sense to offer a fresh...
  15. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    I don't think the JT development would have gotten the green light, along with a dedicated production site for 20% of Wrangler sales (40k/yr). The JT plant used to build 200k JK a year, so there is definitely room for more product. I don't know how easily they could build the rumored S American...
  16. Does the spare tire have a TPMS??

    I put on 2 spare tires in the last month- both were dead flat. Seems like they ought to monitor that one, too, at least if it has sensors.
  17. Whats with the package add ons ?

    26W is a Diesel Willys. There’s nothing shady or frivolous about it. $6000 for diesel, $6145 for willys- puts you at $45,860 before you checked any other boxes. you said you picked the 8.4” radio- that forced the Alpine premium sound and together adds $2990.
  18. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    Page 214 of the owners manual...
  19. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    With just the standard tow pack ($375) the Pentastar/Auto will pull 6000#, matching the diesel rating. Obviously, with 77% more peak torque, (and more than double the torque at cruising rpm) the diesel will pull stronger, quieter, and more confidently.
  20. 35s & 4.56 gears experience

    The Boyscout dad down the street traded from a half-ton to an Express 2500. No more cares about heavy brick shaped trailers.