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  1. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    Remember, those guys drive all sorts of cars, all the time, and are not Jeep guys. What we tolerate, many don't. The gladiator is a horrendous daily driver. It really is. The same can be said for any track-specced sports car with stiff suspension. It's a tradeoff we, and I, gladly make. I...
  2. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    @Oracle Designs does this mean the initial batch of products will be, for lack of better term, beta-tester products? Or will what ships in August be the end-design?
  3. 4xe TEST DRIVE

    The power is what "could" be an issue. Once that makes its way downstream, I can see drivetrain breakage being a big concern. The axles didn't get any stronger, but only time will tell. That said, I want one.
  4. Only three pet peeves about my Gladiator Sport

    Just give it 4 months, the auxiliary battery will fail to hold a charge. My ESS system hasn't worked in over half the time I've owned my truck.
  5. I think I figured out the Uconnect Volume Weirdness

    What has this "figured out", exactly? Even my JK limited the bass and some midrange past a certain point to protect the components, as well as lawsuits for hearing damage.
  6. Fox Steering Stabilizer reviews / feedback?

    I have the through shaft non adjustable model. It was given to me for free, I didn't buy it. Not worth it at all, it performs exactly as stock. If you have a wobble/shimmy before, you will still have it, but with less money in your account. Read the posts here and see if anyone describes...
  7. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I will say that after using it a few days, there is less effort to depress the buttons which I quite enjoy. Those without the proximity entry will appreciate the more touch-screen haptic press than the overly deep press required on the regular fob. But it isn’t enough to accidentally depress in...
  8. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Review: Solid fit and finish. Everything went together well, and flush. Install videos are very nice, but the install is foolproof minus the RFID chip. Everything works, it’s smaller and lighter. The provided screwdriver was nice. Howeverrrrrrrrrr.... While the Jeep key is large, it does have...
  9. RC Vertex Adjustable 2.5 shocks review.

    Sport S MT 3.5" JKS lift Main comparison-- as against Fox 2.0 shocks I like my JKS lift. It appropriately did the job of raising the vehicle's ride height. I will say I greatly enjoyed the on road experience of the stock suspension for the few hundred miles it was on, but a majority of my...
  10. Recommended Diff Protection?

    Ha, Pennsylvania kids. The hardest trails in that state are mild difficulty in California. I can tell from the bolded sections you've likely never wheeled a real rock garden in your life, much less in a long wheelbase truck. But hey, I'm sure you could tell me the exact line to take here...
  11. Protecting Your Rear - Sheridan hitch mounted skid from Warfab

    I have the warfab one, and glad I did. In theory you don't *need* it-- the hitch won't break. But it will look beat to S and ugly. I smashed the warfab one all over the rocks on my past trip. I like having a step where the hitch is, and the skid is taking the hits instead as intended.
  12. Any idea what this light is behind the rear seats?

    Mine open with the doors too. Sport S MT
  13. Unique Post // I've decided my Gladiator Rubicon is not the vehicle for me : /

    Can't stand the heat/cooling settings. Automatic temperature control is just the worst.
  14. Gladiator VS ZR2

    I test drove a gas Colorado once to get a free $100 voucher for something. Can't remember. The interior felt like driving a base rental car from an airport. Absolutely no "wow" factor, or even anything special at all. Which is a shame because I like what they tried to do with it.
  15. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Actually I quite appreciated the breakdown, especially as compared to an injection mold. Thank you!
  16. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Buying a less expensive product isn’t “saving” money. Me, and others, are looking for value. The free market will dictate what something is worth, but I don’t feel paying $50 for this item is even a mild value. That’s nothing about the product itself— I think it’s quite neat and wanted to buy...
  17. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I priced out a basic blackfob, and it came out to $50 shipped. How did you arrive at that price point? I wanted one of these but that took the wind right of my sails.
  18. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    $50!? Dang. I can’t pull the trigger knowing the material cost must be 10 or 20 cents. What a shame.