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  1. Additional Rear Lighting

    I can't tell from the pictures, where is the light mounted?
  2. Additional Rear Lighting

    I'm wanting back lighting not for the backing up, but for the lighting when loading/unloading my boats after or before daylight. So thinking I need something that mounts farther up in the bed or above, the bumper mounts would just be too low for what I'm wanting to light.
  3. Max tow max tow max tow.

    Open the manual, go to the spec page, max tow has its own separate listing right along with Rubicon, Overland and Sport. Max tow folks got cheated out of a badging separating their model from the Sport. The upgraded sound system is not listed separate on the spec page, see the difference.
  4. Max tow max tow max tow.

    Every spring is specific to side, and each model has different ones. The assembly line logistics of getting all the right parts on the right Jeep must be amazing.
  5. Jeep AND whiskey lovers

    You usually drink Jack and Chivas and can't stand blended whiskies? You do know that Chivas is a blended.
  6. Spotted this collection today

    Saw these in Bedford Indiana.

    So you're going to choose to get covid to get your immunity. Hopefully it will be mild and you won't end up a long termer, because it is not looking like this virus is going to magically disappear.

    Thank you for your service and as a nurse, thank you for getting the vaccine. Anyone choosing to not get it is a fool. This is a new virus, with possible long term affects, if you have the chance to get immunity without getting the disease, take it. The virus is not going to disappear so you...

    Sorry you got it, but as a nurse it is good to hear the antibodies are still there, gives me hope because my concerns have been that this becomes like the annual flu or pneumonia.
  10. Storage question

    The facebook group gets complaints because the answers are more jokes than anything else. I'm always pointing folk to here for real answers. I've been on here since June of 2019 and find it a great source.
  11. Towing 6500lbs with the Overland

    The manufacture capacity limits are what the manufacture feels safe with, it is not the limit of what you can overload the recommended specs.
  12. Anybody Completely Enamored with the MAX TOW Stock?

    I agree with you, my stock Sport S with max tow is quick off the line, I've driven it at over 80 on the highways with no problems. I'm loving it. And I've not done the steering box change, still original from 7/19.
  13. A little Jeep music video with pics from our clubs ride today.

    Private facebook group out of Elletsville Indiana, Jeeps Only!, is the group name.
  14. A little Jeep music video with pics from our clubs ride today.

    Our club went on a Spring run down to Spring Mill State Park in Mitchel Indiana home to the Gus Grissom museum.
  15. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    I have a question. Since I've noticed that only Toyota tailgates seem to be imblazed with the model instead of the make, are you a former Taco or Tundra owner? Why is Gladiator better than Jeep, every other Jeep truck made has had Jeep across the tailgate.
  16. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    I always wanted a twin cylinder Keck-Gonnerman, made in Evansville, IN. The twins are easier to start and stop, always have a cylinder in a steam cycle.

    From the friends that have gotten the virus and from myself and many others that have gotten the vaccine. You would rather risk the vaccine with only a few reported mild side effects than a virus that is causing long term problems and even lung transplants, and death.
  18. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    Love the steam engine. I helped my ex-wife's grandfather run an Advance Rumbley (sp?) at tractor shows around central Indiana. We hooked up to a rock crusher one time, about wore me out keeping up on the coal and water.
  19. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo

    I'm betting they had to replace the whole drive train. Engine, transmission, axles (or at least the internals). But still $30K sounds a little high.
  20. Jeep destroyed by flat tow in 4Lo