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  1. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    And did anyone expect different from car & driver? Really. It's not one of their favorites so.
  2. I'm at a crossroads on a mod

    Never say never on using a winch, but do use it correctly when you do. The only negative is weight. A install is really straight forward and not hard.
  3. I made an order mistake

    It is hooked up to radio too I've got a USB drive in there on mine for music. :like: note for O.P.
  4. I made an order mistake

    Did you get the Aux switch group? If so no biggie on adding a USB power ports in console, one of the wires is a switched on power just extend it and add it yourself. A USB outlet from Amazon is around $10 or so then you can have 2 outlets inside or outside of the console.
  5. Nothing but issues

    Spot on with that, when I got my LJ I could have gotten a 05 LJ with hard top and automatic transmission for 2/3 what I paid for mine. It was a repo I thought about buying it until I checked under the hood and frame. Low mileage and factory warranty still, from the bottom vs inside I'm sure the...
  6. CAT themed JT

    Na just swap out the gasser for a Cat engine.. :LOL: Now back to it... Go for it make it your own.
  7. RV Towing

    Simple answer is Yes. I've got a Anderson WD hitch for my Scamp. "Not recommended hard on trailer hitches". As all WD hitches do it transfer weight on to tow vehicle suspension to include the front axle if set up correctly. So if T.W. is 350 or what ever lbs. that's subtracted from vehicle cargo...
  8. RV Towing

    Something that is not talked about much is how quickly extra pounds add up on a vehicle with out noticing it and self😔. I run mine across a scale every once in a while checking the front and rear axle weight and totally weight. With out a trailer hooked up I'm about 600 lbs. from GVWR. On...
  9. Assholes giving the bird

    F### them, I get that s### all the time hell I've been getting it with about all of my Jeeps. Heck my XJ been off roaded probably more than most of them D bags can dream of. That reminds me I need to get back to swapping parts over to it's replacement XJ.
  10. Leaking axle seal?

    I did the same thing to my XJ's D44 rear axle and all the other vent lines. It had that happen too. I think that your on to something with this problem, my LJ right side axle shaft seal leaks a D44 (not a dealership problem though) but probably the same reason the JT's are having it. IMHO: I...
  11. Additional Rear Lighting

    A day late on this but I went low buck LED's lights hooked up to aux switch. I removed the reflectors and cut out two pieces of Kydex to mount the lights to. No I didn't spend much on the LED's I've spent about as much on wiring as them and they work great. But I'm not keeping up with the...
  12. Fake trim levels?

    I was going to repaint my tow hooks orange then I found out the Mojave was going with orange... So I went with carmel brown... and I just got a set of Mojave take off rims :like: but have "Plasta-dip'ed" a set of stock rims, with HT tread tires. Many years ago when the XJ's was being made and...
  13. Fake trim levels?

    Hmmm maybe I'll get a set of stickers "LUBRICONT". Just to see people piss n moan over the miss-spelling.🤗
  14. Gasser real world fuel economy

    Well some places that's even speeding... It's not a good idea to have to tell your "Chief" you got pulled over for speeding too. Especially a few weeks before your evaluation is due.😉.
  15. Two Totaled Jeeps

    It would be very sh### if that hard top don't get saved and reused.
  16. Two Totaled Jeeps

    Hmmm I'd like to get the bed off of it.. 😁🤔 It might make a interesting trailer. I might have to start looking for one or two to make a trailer out of.
  17. Jeep (doesn't) Care(s)

    Oh I remember my "first Jeep" ordered that was supposed to be "waiting for me when I got home from Germany" I was assured it was in St Louis so I could pick up and drive home with it.... I ended up taking a flipping Gray Hound bus home 😠 then 4 or so months later it was finished and titled as a...
  18. What do you keep behind the rear seat?

    Don't forget to throw in a few qts of hydrogen peroxide too for spills😉 What do I keep behind my rear seat? My bed....... now really, I mounted it on a couple of 2×12s and made it into a shed seat. 😁
  19. Jeep (doesn't) Care(s)

    Oh if you really want to be a pissed off customer.... Ask some of the Launch Addition owners how long they had to wait.😉
  20. Gasser real world fuel economy

    Mine has had some strange days doing things like that but it wasn't just flat terrain even. 🤔 I was totally surprised with some of the instant mpg readings. The photo below was on a road trip to Texas, I've had some even better last summer.