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  1. Maps Gaia, OnX, Garmin?

    I have OnX, tend to look at in on an iPad but I have an XR I use on my dash mount. Daily drive an Android though. Works fine on all the platforms. Our Mojave run got canned due to late schedule heat, so the offline maps I built for that weren't needed. Instead, I setup offline maps via the web...
  2. Color selection for colorblind

    "Maroon my a$$, that m****** is RED!" Sorry, the luck and colors gave me a "Used Cars" flashback.....
  3. RV Towing

    That's why we have a propane powered generator, among other things. I have my arithmetic well in order.
  4. What’s the super secret trick??

    Dust is the enemy for connectors like that. Still don't know if it's a good idea to use dielectric grease, but I've been doing that for a long time and it hasn't bit me yet.
  5. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    A little over 15K, did go for the steering box TSB. That's it. ]
  6. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    I rolled around a corner at Hungry Valley that was 25 deg off camber and 30 deg down, cleared tree limbs by an inch - not leafy branches, broken off limbs. That was the tightest corner I've had in the JTR, but even getting there would have been un-possible in an F150 let alone a 7-8" wider...
  7. RV Towing

    Well, no, put cargo in the trailer in a properly balanced configuration, and aim for 12% hitch weight. You get a cargo multiplier with a trailer, use it - leave the truck empty. For every pound of baggage & stuff, 88% of it can stay on the trailer as long as you are under your total weight...
  8. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    I still remember the CR review of the first gen Miata. Choppy highway ride, darty steering, not much storage space. Last time I bothered with CR for anything but dishwasher reviews. C/D is a shadow of what it used to be, but that's been true for over a decade. At least you knew what to expect...
  9. Hard top touch up paint?? $13.50 free delivery.
  10. Assholes giving the bird

    We have a Taco in our work wheeling group, he gets less hell than the WJ on 35's with a 7.5" lift (aka Station Wagon). Just seems that Jeeps are a common denominator for the guys that wheel where I work. My WJ driving friend is picking up my Asfir skid plates for me Friday night, since I'll...
  11. Texas JT Rubicon Steel Bumper - Don't assume!!!

    I've never seen a dealer of any brand have anything more than a parts changing shop. Drilling holes in a bumper? Surely you jest! My former father in law, whom I miss and was a good hunting buddy, had an early H2 ('03) with all the overloaded luxo barge stuff on it, including the four drop down...
  12. Assholes giving the bird

    I guess I better tell all the guys at work that Jeep Friday is off from now on.
  13. Assholes giving the bird

    I get the occasional weird reaction to a Gladiator, and not just from Taco drivers. I had some schlub in a Buick try real hard to cut me off while I was changing lanes to a turn lane. He had the bad taste to follow me to the next stop light, swearing at me. Front top off, all windows down, I...
  14. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Hungry Valley on Friday
  15. Upgrade Suspension Without Lifting?

    Daystar makes a 3/4" spacer lift which with some Fox 2.0's with their valving instead of FCA's might be a nice, inexpensive combo.
  16. I have a question about the back of the front seats in a Glad Rubicon. What is the purpose of the nylon straps?

    I hang the little toolkit there so it doesn't get buried. Not too intrusive into knee space. Otherwise, not that useful if you ever have passengers.
  17. Fake trim levels?

    I thought about it, wife said she likes it. Red on orange took a while to grow on me. As for fake badges, what about adding an M?
  18. Fox Shock Backorder?

    I got a full set of Fox 2.0 2-3's delivered in three-four days from 4WheelParts. Qudratrac doesn't stock a lot of things it sells, apparently the supply chain for Transamerica Autoparts is pretty deep. Got my XRC Gen3 from a storefront when I couldn't find one on eBay.
  19. My first tow today!

    That's a Ford Eco Boost joke 🤣 The earlier V6's had some interesting issues, as did the Focus RS.
  20. Gladiator JTRD vs Supercharged JKUR

    Kept my old YJ and am enjoying my new JTR!