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  1. Do not break your vent window to get in

    Thank God I know how to pick locks and carry a pick set in the bed. Got myself and friends out of a jam plenty of times.
  2. Fake trim levels?

    Nice! I had the first generation GS-R. 1993 Red (they were available 92/93 and only came in white, red,and teal) I installed a full roll cage and T3/T4 turbo kit. Made 390 HP. Fun car till it got stolen. 😥
  3. Ordering JTRD within 16 hours of San Francisco Bay Area

    Bought my JTR from McConnell in Healdsburg. The only dealer in the bay area that was giving a discount on Rubicons. You can try them.
  4. Fake trim levels?

    Was out on a group drive once when we came up on another group with a Wrangler trying to get past an obstacle holding up the line. We watched as this Wrangler kept struggling to get up a pretty easy climb when we noticed it said Rubicon on its hood. We all yelled out "are both lockers on?" After...
  5. 4xe TEST DRIVE

  6. 4xe TEST DRIVE

  7. I am ready to purchase a softop

    To me looks worse than the "man bun" 😆
  8. 4.5 inch or 6 inch lift recommendations?

    A 6 inch lift with 37's and I'm guessing a RTT in the back, that's too much weight up high. Like others had mentioned, you don't need a 6 inch lift for 37's. If you go this route be very careful of your roll angle, otherwise your going to be picking your truck up off its side a bunch.
  9. 4xe TEST DRIVE

  10. Installing soft top Rear Window

    It's the right size,when new it is very tight. Leave it in the sun for awhile then try putting it on. Or you could put your entire truck in the freezer with the rear window at room temperature. You'll get the same results. 😆
  11. 4xe TEST DRIVE

    Just curious as to why you bought a Gladiator and not a Tesla?
  12. Two Totaled Jeeps

    That will buff right out. 😆
  13. Really want a Gladiator but having trouble taking the plunge - help me do it!

    Hahaha! It's a Archery 3d target. Coyote. Weight maybe 7lbs. I do competitive Archery shoots and that is one of my practice targets. Kids named him Wile E Coyote.
  14. Really want a Gladiator but having trouble taking the plunge - help me do it!

    SF life! First precipitation in awhile.
  15. Really want a Gladiator but having trouble taking the plunge - help me do it!

    I live in San Francisco, my truck fits fine in my garage even after my lift and 35's. Plus have just enough height for my hard top lift. Parking around the city has been fine so far, I only had to remove my hitch slider once to fit in a tight Parking space. (North Beach area)
  16. 4xe TEST DRIVE

    Yeah, I hear you. My hope is that because we have a truck and it's longer then the Wrangler they'll be able to fit a larger battery. My guess is a range between 60 and 50 miles on only electric. Loaded up with mods 20 to 30miles range. I could live with that for now.
  17. 4xe TEST DRIVE

    My question about the 4Xe is when it was announced it claimed 25 miles range on full electric mode. Now the real world testing is between 21 and 20 miles on full electric range. This is on a bone stock Rubicon version. What will the range drop to when you mod it up like I have. Lift, wheels...
  18. 4xe TEST DRIVE

    So what happened to Mac? Got fed the truth and didn't like the taste?
  19. Most common tools needed to work on the gladiator

    I'm like you, I travel with every tool I would need to change any part that might fail. Wrench roll Multiple socket sets. Torx and Allen sets. Adjustable wrench. Multiple types of screwdrivers. Breaker bar. Wire stripper. Multiple pliers. Mini sledgehammer. Mini torch. Plus things I probably...
  20. Flush Mount Tail Lights Get one of these, one goes to input signal of reverse light, one goes from an input signal of a switch then the single output to Led lights.