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  1. Lower Control Arm Rubbin'

    :headbang: This is so wrong my soul hurts...
  2. Lower Control Arm Rubbin'

    Oh good grief, here goes the offset vs. backspacing argument again. This usually happens when people don't understand offset. OP- Your factory wheels are +44 offset. When you added the 1.75" spacers, you effectively made your offset 0 (1.75" is 44.45mm). If you want to keep that same look with...
  3. Needing alignment

    Check your tire air pressures before anything. They are often set way too high.
  4. Needing alignment

    Buying a measuring tape is much cheaper than paying for an alignment. There are threads here and on the JL Forum which detail how to do it. The only things adjustable are toe and steering center.
  5. Grease Zirks

    No grease fittings.
  6. Body mount bolts

    Which rock sliders are you replacing the stock rails with?
  7. Body mount bolts

    The nuts themselves are not welded to the body. They lock in via some “wings” which fit into slots in a retainer which is welded to the body. It may be possible to get them to engage again if positioned and twisted properly.
  8. What is this and why is it leaking?

    Lots of incorrect info in this thread. Yes, the JT has two hydraulic body mounts at the rear of the cab.
  9. What grease are you all using on your suspension joints?

    I don’t totally understand grease compatibility, but do know that some aren’t to be mixed, and some joints require a certain thickness of grease. My Rock Krawler track bar uses 000 grease, which is very thin.
  10. What grease are you all using on your suspension joints?

    Clayton uses a Johnny Joint on one end. Currie sells a “moly grease” specifically for their Johnny Joints. There’s probably something generic that is comparable.
  11. What grease are you all using on your suspension joints?

    What track bar are you using?
  12. Steering box TSB done. WOW

    Is that even possible? I thought there was a flat face on one side to prevent that.
  13. Fox Shock Backorder?

    They may make them to order when a distributor places an order, but you can probably find a distributor with some in stock somewhere I would think.
  14. New steering solution? - Apex

    I was hoping something like this would come to market. I was thinking of it as an electric power steering pump "piggyback tuner", but this is more complex than I was hoping for. Still, I will probably give it a try at some point. I will also say that I feel the factory steering power is better...
  15. Control arm bracket protection

    They should have been powder coated black, unless something has changed. Most satin black spray paint matches well.
  16. Party In The Back

    I was expecting to see an awesome mullet, but I’m sure they had fun too...
  17. Jscan problem

    Ok, I was just relaying my own experience.
  18. Jscan problem

    I’ve never had to restart the ECUs twice to get my changes to work.
  19. Jscan problem

    Reset the ECUs?