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  1. Metal-Look Instrument Panel?

    Re-paint your dash any color you want. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it. I just painted mine Sarge Green to match my Sarge Glad. Looks awesome with the orange vent rings, too.
  2. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    Need Sarge Green plugs and I'm a customer!!
  3. any use Maximus-3

    They are based only 7 miles from my house. If they still don't reply after you call them by phone, let me know and I'll drive over to yell at them for you.
  4. Seat covers for Mojave Gladiator?

    I know you want seat covers, not seat recovering, but both Katzkin and make Mojave-specific leather seat covers that replace the stock fabric.
  5. Black rhino Solid in Alligator green

    It does look great, but I wonder what the weight is on that wheel?
  6. Katzkin - Color for Gobi? (Thread title edited)

    I ordered from because they offer not just seat covers, but matching center console colors, shift boots, dashboard covers, and more. With Katzkin, you are pretty much limited to just seats.
  7. If you could pick the hood, standard Sport style, Rubicon or Mojave?

    Very nice! I have six fish tanks plus one at the office. All live plants.
  8. Fake trim levels?

    I de-badged my Mojave as soon as I arrived home from the dealership. Also swapping hood to a Sport hood in a few weeks (when my friend's Sport arrives at dealer). I just prefer that look. But I love that so many Jeep owners add graphics and badging for whatever reasons. Even cheesy reasons. That...
  9. If you could pick the hood, standard Sport style, Rubicon or Mojave?

    I own a Mojave, but I vote for the Sport. Classic, clean, lightweight, not fake.
  10. BIKINI Gladiator JT Club

    Keep the nacho! It is an awesome color!!!
  11. Only three pet peeves about my Gladiator Sport

    I have the auto start/stop on my Cherokee. Never bothered me until my battery died two years into owning it. Now I push the disable button every time I drive it. Annoying enough to do that I bought a tazer to disable it for my JT.
  12. Rugged Ridge Fortis Tube Doors?

    I know. I bought the RR Arcus stubby front bumper and received the pre-paid Visa rebate. Haven't used it yet. I appreciate that Quadratec lists the tube doors as 'in stock and ready to ship' because I'm still waiting for the rear bumper I ordered back in January directly from RR.
  13. Rugged Ridge Fortis Tube Doors?

    Man, I'm glad I saw your post. I've been debating getting those doors for a few months now. Just wasn't sure if I'd use them much, or just go doorless. But at $250 after rebate, it is worth it. I just ordered them a few minutes ago! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Yep, sounds like I bought the wrong model. For some reason, I just assumed (clearly, incorrectly) that all Glad key fobs were basically the same. I am sure the guys at Threedom will respond and we can straighten it out. I just want to encourage other forum members to be aware of the model...
  15. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    BE CAREFUL WHEN ORDERING YOUR THREEDOM FOB! Make sure you order the fob that correctly aligns with your OEM brick fob button alignment. IMPORTANT EDIT at the end of this post! I recently received my mini key fob to replace the "brick" fob that came with my 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave. I have...
  16. Jeep grill and art

    I have a CJ7 grill displayed over my bar on the wall.
  17. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    Interesting. I have ordered multiple items from 4WheelParts over the past 3 months specifically because they ship so quickly. I have never had a problem. So far, my most frustrating experience is waiting for the rear bumper I ordered in January directly from Rugged Ridge. RR was answering my...
  18. Detachable steps

    I installed MORE hide-a-steps for the front doors last weekend. The first was a b*@*h to install, but once I figured it out, the second one went on easy. They seem to work well so far.
  19. Anyone running Mountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.) skids?

    Well, I just installed their hide-a-step product yesterday and they seem good so far.