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  1. Clayton 2.5 Overland plus installed today!

    Oh man sorry about that, hopefully they arrive today for you!
  2. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Glad you were able to sort this out! It's usually always something super simple like this :) If you need anything else let us know, we're always happy to help!
  3. Ordered Lift...Regret???

    Dennis, we have been working with you daily via multiple emails and phone calls, even Clayton himself has reached out to you personally to try and help figure out what may be causing the problem you are experiencing. We did explain to you that we are unfortunately now at a point where we can't...
  4. Diesel owners with a Clayton Lift kit-- I need help...

    Gotcha then it's the taller front spring you're referring to, it's one inch taller than the standard 2.5" coil spring and helps remove some of the rake that heavy diesel motor adds.
  5. Diesel owners with a Clayton Lift kit-- I need help...

    My apologies I'm not sure I fully understand this, do you mean you just have the normal kit on order but are going to be running a spacer in combination? The two ways customers have run this kit are either with the taller spring up front or a small spacer in combination with the normal spring...
  6. Small lift advice/suggestions needed

    Give us a call whenever you have a chance and we can talk a little bit more in detail! Phone number is (203) 691 8593
  7. Ordered Lift...Regret???

    Hey Ray, sorry we could not make it out this year! We've always had a great time at Jeep Beach! At the moment with how busy we are while simultaneously going through a move, we decided it would be best to prioritize getting orders and kits built and out the door rather than get a week behind...
  8. Small lift advice/suggestions needed

    We have a 1.5" leveling kit coming out pretty soon, and with that new spring we can basically set up a 1.5" complete kit for trucks that will be carrying a lot of weight!
  9. Clayton Offroad 2.5" Overland Plus kit and Fox shocks on JTR diesel-- need help

    Hey Dennis, just talked with Adam and went over your measurements and photos a little bit. It looks like you have a really good amount of rake, about an inch to be exact which is where most of our kits are designed to get you and where most customers want to be, not completely level but almost...
  10. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Definitely give us a call or shoot us a PM if you need some help!
  11. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Your rear arms definitely look like they have way too much adjustment made which is causing your increased pinion angle and bowed springs. I would recommend removing the arms and getting them adjusted back down to the recommended spec in the instructions out on a table, reinstalling, and then...
  12. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Truck looks awesome! I know you spoke to one of us on the phone but if you still need any help or have any further questions definitely give us another call or feel free to shoot us over some more pictures in an email! Looking forward to seeing some more photos of this build!
  13. Looking for a Jeep/4x4 shop in greater Chicagoland area

    If you'd like give us a call and we can see if we have any shops we work with in the area that can go over everything for you!
  14. Gladiator Lift Kit Pre Order Package Now Available!

    Hey Dennis, this is actually an old thread and an old offer we are no longer offering, this was mainly a promotion we did before the kits were released!
  15. Gladiator Lift Kit Pre Order Package Now Available!

    Hey Brian! The kit does use the same height springs both in the front and the rear, some springs are just used in multiple vehicles and therefore listed at various heights. Hopefully that makes sense! Our kits do however remove a little bit of that factory rake, we do keep some of it, but if...
  16. Lifting a Mojave 3+ inches and retaining the factory shocks?

    As long as you can find shock extension brackets to work with the amount of lift you're planning on adding, you should be able to make it work with any kit out there!