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  1. 4XE hybrid for the Gladiator ? ? ?

    No, you didn’t read that correctly. It does not NEED to be plugged in.
  2. 4XE hybrid for the Gladiator ? ? ?

    You seriously think Jeep purposely kept their payload numbers low in the Wrangler? The one thing that people have been complaining about for years and the reason people buy Land Cruisers and Troopies outside of NA rather than Wranglers for overlanding? I doubt that very much. I guess we’ll see...
  3. 4XE hybrid for the Gladiator ? ? ?

    Yes, it adds weight. But your point was that it would "cut the over all load capacity of the JT by 1/3 to 1/2 the over carrying cap." It doesn't; it actually has a (slightly) higher payload capacity and the same towing capacity. Where's the downside?
  4. 4XE hybrid for the Gladiator ? ? ?

    Do people even research before posting “facts” anymore? From Wrangler 4xe Sahara: ICE Wrangler Sahara:
  5. Rigid Industries Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    Yeah, I hope they’ll eventually put out a standard width version. GR stuff is quality and worth it (IMHO). Have you looked at the Nemesis flares as an alternative? I believe they‘re wider (unless you go with the Crawler version). Also aluminum (like GR)...
  6. Rigid Industries Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

  7. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Imagine the patch laid in 4HI with the 6.4! :rock:
  8. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    People need to stop posting that; it’s only applicable to the JK 5-speed auto. Use this one instead for the 8-speed.
  9. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Actually, that guy 👆 is an idiot. DDs are way better.
  10. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Everyone knows the only thing better than DDs is 40s.
  11. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    He seemed fine when I was peeping in his window last night.
  12. Say "Hello!" to my little friend...

    NOPE. *ignorethread*
  13. Very excited about Armorlite full interior, maybe my favorite mod yet.

    Wow, solid! Glad to see a vendor stand behind their product so firmly! :like:
  14. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Buy I'd rather have a big wiener *and* drive a JT on 37s.
  15. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    Not knocking anyone who wants to go 40s; personally I think they look great given the length of the JT. But a penile implant is a lot cheaper.
  16. DIY Drawers

    I did wonder about the “standing on the drawers” comment, but figured maybe you were using it to access gear on the roof of your cap. 100 lbs is not bad at all! :like:
  17. DIY Drawers

    This is awesome! Great job. You might want to double-check with the vendor; I could be wrong, but I believe that rating is per hinge, so unless you are over 400 lbs (or have a lot of really heavy gear in each drawer), you should be able to stand on the drawers. Speaking of which, how much do...
  18. Where is ShadowsPapa?

    Ditto, hope he’s okay!
  19. Autotrader WTF Sightings

    LOL...and sets pricing at crazy dealer prices. $29K for THAT??:CWL:
  20. White Lettered Tires

    How do you like those Mastercraft Courser MXTs? Work well in the wet stuff?