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  1. ACC Easter Egg Discovered in Mojave Gladiator

    Seems people either love it or hate it. That is why it is an option. At least on Jeeps.
  2. Discovered a New "Safety" Feature by Accident

    I hope you did not find out the hard way!
  3. Why not buy a full size truck for the same price?

    I love trucks. Always been interested in Jeeps, but not enough to get one over a truck. This is both, so it's perfect!
  4. Discovered a New "Safety" Feature by Accident

    This is not related to OP's particular observation, but I was reluctant to start a whole new thread since many JT owners probably already know this. I usually carry my key fob in a belt holster, so I know it is always with me. Saturday last I was doing fixit work so did not have the nice...
  5. Installed Freedom hard tops from Jeetops

    I really like this product. Starting over, I might have gotten just the rear roof done, then have the option of removing the un-modified front panels, or opening the Sunrider for HT (when installed). That way, more light for both front and rear passengers. As it is, I installed Hotheads...
  6. Newb question about the Gladiator

    This was my choice. It is first and foremost a daily driver, and weekend hauler, and I wanted creature comforts. I do not plan to do rock crawling, but I do like the beach and sandy trails. I tow, but not heavy stuff, mostly a small boat trailer. A manual transmission was also a requirement. So...
  7. My Mopar Gladiator vehicle cab cover came in today!

    It was from Full Car Cover for Jeep Gladiator 2020 Crew Cab Pickup 5.0 Feet Bed - 5 Layers 5L202019700
  8. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Official Specs & Info. Sarge, Nacho & Gecko Colors Added

    I have concluded that all Jeep is gonna give us MT aficionados is the V6 gas and PT transfer case. No Selec-trac, no diesel, no 4 turbo, no V8, no hybrid. I will remain contented with what I have.
  9. My Mopar Gladiator vehicle cab cover came in today!

    Have not covered anything long-term. But if I don't cover my boat, even in a coverd shed, it gets black dust accumulating.
  10. Is it dumb to wait on MY 2023?

    Women, too. I'll stick with the one I have.
  11. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Something wrong; it is not supposed to do that.
  12. New auxiliary switch bank

    The red switches on the left have different labels from the ones first described. They were just AUX A and AUX B. Now they are dedicated locker switches. (Always were, but now labeled as such).
  13. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    This is exactly my thoughts when I hear folks complaining the ratios aren't right, the engine has the wrong power/torque band, etc. There are any number of ways it could have been configured, if it was economically feasible for Jeep to make a lot of different MT options. I am just happy they...
  14. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    It sounds identical to the first recall.
  15. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    When the first recall was in effect, Jeep stopped filling orders for manuals. After Jeep began taking manual orders again, @JeepCares told us last Spring that the recall did not apply to vehicles assembled after that time. Does anyone know if the second recall affect Jeeps build since the Covid...
  16. Jeep Gladiator Bed Outlet.....Wiring question....Thanks for the advice in advance

    400 watts at 115 volts is 3.5 amps. Does not take very big wires for that.
  17. 24+ mpg after 6 weeks on the road

    I discovered over the weekend on a short highway trip ( about 150 miles one way) that heavy rain reduces MPG noticeably. Which make sense, as the density of the air mass you are going through is greater.