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  1. Wheels with replaceable ring

    I had rugged ridge XHD’s and they were ok. Bolts that came with oem are too short and the bolts that came with the ring can be caught in rocks (I had a few gouges). The steel rings did take some good abuse. I would recommend purchasing stronger hardware and add silicone in between the...
  2. Go Rhino Xtreme Overland Rack

    For now… Driver side - outside table with 2 rotopax, and shovel/axe inside. Passenger - outside Apache boxes and inside hi lift.
  3. Running board sliders

    WKO finally released today at 750 starting point for a frame mounted slider.
  4. Finally White Knuckle Offroad now Available

    I had their Sliders on my JK's and their quality is phenomenal. Even their powdercoating.
  5. Go Rhino Xtreme Overland Rack

    What kind of hi lift jack mount would work on the rails? I plan to mount mine inside the bed. Do any of u know what kind of retractable carabiner they used on the video?
  6. Go Rhino Xtreme Overland Rack

    I got word from KrawlOffroad that order is at the warehouse and should ship any moment. I also checked QT website and the table was bumped to $250. Good thing I pulled the trigger when it was $100.
  7. What do u have coming in the mail?

    @j.o.y.ride fenders, rear bumper, sliders, upgrading ur suspension… seems like u have some sun trails ahead of u. I just got word that my GoRhino rack will be shipping today or Tomorrow. Hopefully I get it by Saturday for a weekend install.
  8. I have no use for Rock Lights, but...

    I saved all my lights from my previous jeep. I don't see no point of using the rock lights. I will dedicate those on my bedrack (if vendor ever ships) and hood.
  9. any use Maximus-3

    Call them directly. I purchased from them directly but I found out they do not communicate well via email.
  10. What do u have coming in the mail?

    It looks very sharp @RCKLNDR
  11. Best 37s for daily driver

    I agree with the Nitto RG recommendations. Way quieter than my previous BFG KO2's and looks sexy as hell.
  12. Sport S to Rubicon Flares.

    @MHulsey91 If u do find any available, please let me know as I visited the dealer last week and confirmed that they are all back ordered until August. I also confirmed with several vendors as well and they have no eta.
  13. Best lift kit for my max tow without losing the towing capacity?

    If u plan on adding larger tires…. None.
  14. Diesel Gladiator Mopar lift recall?

    A lot of parts are in back order. Oem rubi fenders are back ordered till Aug when I went last week for purchase. I’ll probably go a different route
  15. Skyjacker Rubicon vs Non-Rubicon lift kits

    If the coils are the same, it will sit the same, depending on mods/tires. skyjacker has many lift kits for different vehicles so the reps may not be well versed on jeeps.
  16. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Confirmed...I should have my spare 37” arrive this week or early next.
  17. Go Rhino Xtreme Overland Rack

    @Steak.Sauce i hope mine ships today too. I ordered the table from QT and on Monday, GoRhino has my order but doesn’t have my rack. I called my vendor and they said that they ordered from their supplier so it won’t show on GoRhino. They said it will ship mid May. I have a trip mid may. Now I...
  18. 50% OFF Road Armor

    Wow... i just called and ALL in stock items will take 4-6 weeks to process:lipssealed:. If it has to be built, it will take even longer. I'm not sure if our vendors that have them in stock can price match their current 50% off deal.
  19. 50% OFF Road Armor

    Their website really sucks but if you know what you want, i suggest you place an order until April 30 using HOTFLASH50 I'm going to call them in to see if they have the item i want in stock as i hear that some items take months.
  20. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    @bastage definitely worth the wait too. They also do Kryptec sun visors and center console covers... I ordered them but it will be 4 months until they start on making that batch.