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  1. Range

    I went from 255/75 MTs to 315/70 ATs and my mileage has stayed about the same, roughly 25 mpg. I drive anywhere from 68 - 72 mph, most of my miles are highway. Did you calibrate your speedometer? 19-20 honestly seems a bit low if you're doing mostly highway.
  2. Oil temp under load

    I don't usually keep track of it, but I've seen it go up to 235 when I was towing a 6000# wood chipper. But highest speed was around 55 anyways, since I didn't take any major highways.
  3. Do you DIY or take it to the dealer?

    Had a leaking rear axle seal... You best bet I wasn't going to do that myself. We have a warranty... makes sense to use it?
  4. Tested the max tow springs..........

    If the payload of a 1989 Comanche Metric Ton is a 2200 lbs, I think you would have been fine... ;) (yes I know, coils vs leafs) In all seriousness, it looks good! It's almost worth the reaction I'm sure you got from the dude loading it up.
  5. Leaking axle seal?

    Was lucky, had one in stock that arrived in the morning, swapped it out, and picked up this afternoon. All good!
  6. Leaking axle seal?

    Dropped mine off today, confirmed that it's a leaking seal. They said they show an axle assembly in the warehouse, hoping to know if they'll be able to get it tomorrow or not.
  7. RV Towing

    Interesting. I ended up buying both, was going to decide what to do later. I'll probably install the SumoSprings first, see how it goes, then maybe the air bags if I don't like how it feels.
  8. RV Towing

    You run sumo springs and air bags together? Wasn't sure if that was possible.
  9. Recommended power. Rachet

    I picked this one up when they had a combo deal for a free battery and charger, works fine! Some of the Milwaukee stuff is a bit too expensive for my taste/use.
  10. Jeep worthy 35's that are quiet on Hwy

    Not sure if anyone else has done this, but I added two washers on each side to the steering stop bolt in order to stop rubbing on my stock rims + 315/70R17 BFG KO2s. Yeah, you lose a little turning radius... but let's be honest, it wasn't that great to begin with, lol
  11. Diesel payload by the door jamb placard

    My EcoDiesel Willys is listed at 1128 lbs.
  12. Question about front LED turn signals/DRLs on Sport and Willys

    Great, no issues with them at all. The DRLs could probably be a bit brighter, but other than that, I like the smoked look.
  13. Connecticut Overland Wheels & Tires

    Any pictures? What tire is mounted on them?
  14. Leaking axle seal?

    Just checked mine, passenger side rear has a wet spot on the backing plate. Looks like I'll be giving the dealership a call.
  15. Anyone running 35s on stock wheels without issues?

    No, Willys do not have the wider axles. Only Max Tow, Rubicon and Mojave have them.
  16. Diesel Gladiator Mopar lift recall?

    I hope not! Placed an order for one on 4/23, and still haven't gotten a notification/update about it.
  17. 7" Carplay Flickering

    I traded mine in for a 8.4" ;) But now the center console USB port doesn't work for CarPlay :(
  18. Top off with soft top

    If I do remove it completely, I'll only take off the top piece via the 4 bolts. It'd be too much of a hassle to take off all of those other plastic pieces, too
  19. Anyone running 35s on stock wheels without issues?

    I went with 315/70R17 KO2s, no rubbing while on the ground (can just fit a finger between sway bar and tire when fully locked), but they might run on full lock while moving, not sure yet. Haven't lifted it or anything. Folks with Rubicons, Mojaves + Max Tow have the wider axles, which I think...