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  1. Do you DIY or take it to the dealer?

    I use the jeep wave program, you bet. Everything is on warranty, and they claim to do a "150 point inspection" which I'm fine with. I have one more "Free" oil change, and as long as its on warranty, they can do it. My last oil change should take me right up to the end of my 3 year warranty...
  2. What is the Mojave's "virtual brake-based" front locker?

    All this sounds so electronically brain controlled vs the simple solid mechanical connection. I like my Jeep basic. I don't need "high-speed", I need "sure-footed" and I don't need "Smart", I just need "dependable." I got a jeep truck to do jeep things. Just my opinion.
  3. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    overall engineering for the JT is pretty dang good. The gearing on the AT, transfer case, differentials, and the horsepower and torque is adequate when considering fuel mileage and range. I have a max tow with 37's and 4.5" lift. I'm supposed to be adding a RTT if GoFastCampers would ship like...
  4. Tailgate leaks

    Not attempting to be a smart ass, but 4.5" lift and 37,s , + leaving the tailgate closed has worked wonders. But I hear ya. Pretty weak job of sealing that tailgate up, considering the full size trucks are having a tailgate war , and there quality on all brands is top notch.
  5. Mojave on the way.

    Congrats on the new JT!
  6. I'm at a crossroads on a mod

    Can't figure out why you would never use it?
  7. Has anyone disconnected the auto start stop on their Gladiator?

    I hear ya, but I embrace technology when its dependable. And since I don’t drive much in town, I embrace the tactical silence when I stop in the middle of the outdoors as well. Glad you enjoy your JT, and I hope to cross paths someday on the trails. I’ll buy you a beer with the gas money I save...
  8. Assholes giving the bird

    I don't think I've received any rude gestures in the 2 years I've owned my JT, but I've run into some Jeep "purists" that can't quite embrace the truck being in their "Jeep Club". That said, I noticed that the Rubicon trail Jeep Jamboree has excluded JT's from being able to participate in the...
  9. 2021 Gladiator Diesel ESC Limp Mode at dealer 5+ weeks

    Very sorry to hear this. Huge inconvenience and major bummer with a new JT. I hope your confidence is restored by a successful repair.
  10. Need information on panel between fender and bumper

    I just cut mine out with a saw, That kept everything enclosed and sealed. Then a few months later I ended up with a new bumper so I could run a winch so it really didn't matter anyway. Those things are hideous, and had to be removed almost instantly. I added 9" slim line lite bars right where...
  11. Color selection for colorblind

    Every shade of gray reminds me of the Primer gray cars that ran around in the 70's with no paint, especially when they get dirty. Just not a gray fan, never have been, But, once again, thats just my own, very personal opinion. I'm not attempting to offend anyone, just don't like Gray or Blue...
  12. If you could pick the hood, standard Sport style, Rubicon or Mojave?

    I think I'll add some louvers to my Sport hood, I can't seem to get a clear consensus which is the favorite from this thread. but no black, all red
  13. Has anyone disconnected the auto start stop on their Gladiator?

    Why? I just can't figure out for the life of me why anyone likes their wallet getting thinner and thinner as your engine idles away precious fuel as useless fumes at $3.50 a gallon while you're just sitting there motionless. Another clever way to disable the ESS is stay in an area where you...
  14. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    With 34's and a 2.5" lift got high centered at the waterfall on the Poison Spider in MOAB, so went to 4.5" suspension lift and 37's. still running 4.10 gears for now. We'll see how the next 9 Badge of Honor trails turnout. I may go to 40's at which point I would have to re-gear. I've used my...
  15. Got a new ride at work today

    Hell yeah! Impressive!
  16. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    City drivers, doing a review for an out of town truck. Most unfortunate. I'm happy and have had no problems at all, mostly trails and towing, just shy of 20,000 miles. But I don't city drive, no reason to buy an off road truck and bitch about how it doesn't handle like a sports car. I also...
  17. Happy with Premium Soft Top?

    spoken like a true Jeep'r! Bless your heart.
  18. Happy with Premium Soft Top?

    You got it! Brain says, "Put the top down". unlatch at red light, then at about 10 mph, and while still accelerating, push the front of the top up, and its off. Try that with the cumbersome Hardtop, ha ha! Want to secure it at the 1st stop? Flip it down, latch, lock & walk away. Back from...