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  1. Spiderwebshade installed - with pics

    I do enjoy that, my very fair skinned wife and kids do not :D
  2. Spiderwebshade installed - with pics

    I mean, I put mine on and its going to stay on till probably Oct/Nov if i take it off at all! I really like it, but taking it off is not as simple. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Spiderwebshade installed - with pics

    This was my one big disappointment. I cannot remove quickly like my Alienshade and they didn't make a full length setup for the JT. The Alienshade had small bungee toggles you could remove and leave in place. The Spiderweb requires tilting the windshield to get it on/off. Otherwise, its great.
  4. 2021 Gladiator Texas Trail Model Announced & Jeep Badge of Honor Program Adds Two Texas Trails

    Did they add Hidden Falls? I hadn't noticed that one before.
  5. Aux battery is still charging

    My dealer took forever to do the whole "relearn" process, but so far so good. its been almost a month and still no issues. That could be the first thing to try for folks that have replaced the battery. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Mountain Hatch cover installed

    It’s red.
  7. Aux battery is still charging

    I mean I guess it’s not a huge deal if it doesn’t work as long as it’s not throwing codes. It annoying to have a feature not work at all and the dealer be useless getting it fixed.
  8. Aux battery is still charging

    Yeah i'm going to be annoyed when they tell me its still doing it after spending 2 days on that damn reset procedure.
  9. Aux battery is still charging

    I took my truck in yesterday and I believe this is what they are telling me needs to be done. They were indicating that some "accessories" may cause it to become out of calibration. Only accessories I have are some 12v lights and my VHF/UHF radio which is directly wired in. And its taking all...
  10. Texas Check In

    Was not aware of a meet up there...
  11. WeatherTech window deflectors now available for JT

    I had these on my outback and could never get them to seem right. At one point the driver side shattered in the window track and I had to extract shattered plastic out of the window track. I really wanted them to work as they do look clean but they basically shove into the window track and...
  12. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    After last week in Texas, the Mountain Goat
  13. Harbor Freight Rock Lights

    Thought I’d try them out, got a pair. Only $30 for a pair. Comes with stainless hardware and two different rubber boot mounts. Look good to me! Probably get another couple pair for sure.
  14. JT cb antenna wire routing location

    I did this the second time I ran an antenna wire. So much easier and cleaner.
  15. Auto Start/Stop issue?

    Mine has completely stopped working, always says it’s charging but never actually activates anymore.
  16. What Kind Of Winch Do You Have/ Prefer

    Warn VR Evo 12s, Warn winch plate, stock steel. I’d probably not get the warn again, I broke the remote cable (it’s wireless but has a cable to also operate wired). And they want like $80 to replace the whole cable and remote combo. I just need the wire and they can’t seem to figure out how to...
  17. Road Armor Treck setup, who has one?

    Oh wow! I ended up ordering one. I’m pretty happy with it overall. Breaks down for storage real nicely. I recently got the top rails. If I order from 4WPs then I don’t pay shipping but if I order from Road Armor they charge $150 for anything!
  18. Garages!

    I was able to finally get all the "stuff" put up for my Gladiator. All 4 doors have hangers, roof and tent hoist and a spot for the sunrider. Going to mount my bedrack bits on the wall once i design a solution.
  19. Hardtop and Door Cart

    yeah the rubber casters i got from HD were trash. i put some urathane ones on another project and they work way better.