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  1. I'm at a crossroads on a mod

    You can always swap to synthetic to save some weight on the front end. I find all kinds of uses for my winch. Used it to pull out a stubborn mailbox this weekend :LOL:
  2. Identify this rear bumper!

    @smlobx Any pics of the Wilco Offset on the Gladiator? Considering going this route after flat tire on the trail had me laying in the mud to get to my spare. Assuming it would block the back up camera and probably interfere with the sensors though....?
  3. Cliff Hanger - one fender and some rocker dings.

    Impressive wheeling and absolutely stunning part of the country. Good for you.
  4. Motorcycle riders? What do you ride? Pic/Info Thread!

    2018 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled. My first bike so not much to compare it to. Fell in love with the retro styling and the street/ dirt combo
  5. Bestop Sunrider adjustment?

    Has anyone needed to (figured out how to) adjust the front latches? When I first installed the sunrider it was tight and had very little wind noise. Now I'm noticing a lot of wind uplift noise from the passenger side.
  6. Alabama SOLD Warn tube doors - rear JT or JL

    I spoke with Warn. They have basically stopped shipping these doors until they can work out production issues (I think they are coming out of Russia?). Apparently a LOT of orders went out with damage or missing parts. He said they wouldn't have any replacement parts available until June at...
  7. Cooking while overlanding.

    I've got the camp chef dual burner. Basically the same as a coleman, I think. I do like that it has an igniter built in. I'm shopping the hose adapter @Free2roam mentioned because the hard pipe is a PITA. If I was buying one today I'd give the folding Jetboil a long look. It's compact and...
  8. Alabama SOLD Warn tube doors - rear JT or JL

    I'd love to take these off your hands, just not sure when I can get up to Gadsden. Let me know if you ever get down towards Birmingham.
  9. Alabama WTB: Decked Box

    Found one! Installed tonight. Just have to notch it for the softopper. At some point I'll start my build thread.... :facepalm:
  10. Softtopper questions

    There are trade offs either way. I like the Bestop front and rear closures better- but the system over all seems fussier. I just drove 5 hours to the beach (where it’s pouring rain) and I’ve never attached the rear Velcro or done anything about the front connection on my softopper. It’s...
  11. Alabama WTB: Decked Box

    Haha- Thanks @Stitchedupseats I think he's got a guy coming Saturday to get it. That's the listing that got me thinking I need to find one.
  12. Alabama WTB: Decked Box

    Looking for a used Decked box. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick up. Let me know what you've got.
  13. Georgia [SOLD] DECKED Drawer System (East Cobb)

    Dibs. I’ll take it. I’ll PM you to work out the details.
  14. Camping *city boy* helppppp

    Glow sticks/ head lamps. Cheap from Amazon and hours of entertainment for kids. And I'll second keeping the food simple. Yes, you CAN make gourmet food while camping, but it just adds stress and gear to an activity that is best left simple (at least while you're still figuring things out).
  15. Alabama Yakima Outpost Rack for Sale/ Trade

    I've got a Yakima Outpost Rack Setup for Sale/ Trade. I'm looking for Tube Doors, or Ace Engineering Sliders Over $1k for everything new. I'll take $550 for the setup. Works great for a RTT- SUPER sturdy. It doesn't include the Toyota adapters for the factory bed rails so I just popped mine...
  16. Georgia [SOLD] DECKED Drawer System (East Cobb)

    Yeah, I know.... I saw one of your other postings. I've actually got a black softopper- just not sure I want to part with it. They are pretty awesome.
  17. Alabama SOLD Warn tube doors - rear JT or JL

    Still have these?
  18. Alabama Rugged ridge steps

    Still available? Do the RR steps work with the Rubi rock sliders?
  19. Coverable Bed Rack

    Short answer- No. I've been after the same thing. There are load bearing bed caps (RLD designs, etc) but they are too expensive for my use. There are foldable soft tops (softopper, bestop)- and they can be combined with a Datin Fab rack to sort of accomplish what you're talking about. I...
  20. Georgia [SOLD] DECKED Drawer System (East Cobb)

    Any interest in cash w/ a partial trade? I've got the yakima outpost hd system and a highspeed bike tray (since you mention MTB.) I'm in Birmingham- so not too far away. Rack - Tray-