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  1. Rise up Tall People!!!!

    I like the height of the seat, but i have a hard time seeing traffic lights unless i stop pretty far back because of my height.
  2. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    I believe if you message oracle and they still have openings they will fix it for you.
  3. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    Do you guys charge now or when it ships?
  4. Soft top question

    My right latch kept popping too, i adjusted the latch and catch. It seems better but i havent driven enough to see if it fixed it.
  5. Soft top question

    Ok just checking my jlu was kinds loose compared to this one. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt going to stretch out.
  6. Soft top question

    I bought a used soft top off here, it was damaged at one point from a garage door. Everything seems good with it, but the fabric seems to be kind of tight. Just wondering how tight is the fabric on peoples soft tops?
  7. JL shocks on a JT

    I believe if you search jt shocks on a jl, on the wrangler forum, there is a lot if info on the differences.
  8. Nacho Orange Gladiator Question

    There was a nacho mojave in northampton,ma 2 weeks ago
  9. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    I had some lady driving a cj shake her head at me when i waved. My jeep at least had the doors off.
  10. Clunk on downshifting

    Thats what i expect if i bring it up, it isnt consistent enough for the dealer to care.
  11. Clunk on downshifting

    I guess thats one way to fix it, did you get another jt or something else
  12. Clunk on downshifting

    Anyone ever get this fixed or see any improvement? Or just learn to live with it? Mine does this, its also a max tow. Just curious what people ended up doing.
  13. Massachusetts Premium Soft Top - $800

    What condition is the window in?
  14. Massachusetts Rubicon take off suspension

    Looking to buy a rubicon suspension, willing to drive but not looking to drive super far from western mass.
  15. Hand controls and/or how long can JT sit unused :(

    I think the owners manual says something about running the a/c before your jeep sits long term. I would just buy a cover and run it for like 10 15 min ever so often. Itll be fine some cars sit at the dealer for a very long time uncovered.
  16. Steering box

    Yah true. Its very irritating when you cant relax on long drives. My jlu used to pull really hard, it was always unnerving to pass 18 wheelers.
  17. Steering box

    I think i could deal with it pulling, i just hate how much the steering wheel has to move to make small corrections.
  18. Steering box

    Im getting it done. The guy said a week but he said it before they ordered the box. My last jeep had the issue the entire time i owned it and when they finally said they would change the box it was on order for 4 months. I ended up just trading it in before it got fixed. Im glad you like it, I...
  19. Steering box

    Anyone recently get their steering box replaced? Just curious if they are coming in quicker than last fall.
  20. Anyone have MasterTop summer top plus wind blocker?

    I ended up ordering this too. I really want the mopar soft top, so i figure this will be good enough till more used factory tops are around. I had a jlu before this and i really enjoyed how much more user friendly the new tops jeep makes are.