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  1. Factory spring mystery

    Oh boy. I’m gonna be getting under mine tomorrow to see what I’ve got.
  2. Fake trim levels?

    As a teenager I had a 1980 Honda Prelude as my first car. I installed a VW hood ornament, a Toyota badge on the back and took off anything that said it was a Honda. Actually managed to argue my way out of a parking ticket at the beach since the meter maid had no clue what the car was!
  3. Latest software/firmware?

    That just seems to cover uconnect, how about steering , engine etc?
  4. Line-X Shortage?

    I work with the base chemicals that are in these coatings. Most of the shortages are because of the bad weather in Texas and the subsequent power outages. A lot of these chemicals are made in Texas. Gonna be a while before they’re back to 100% production volume.
  5. Max tow springs

    Haven’t heard of the Sumo Springs before. I’ve always had good luck with the bags and never looked into it further! Interesting...... BTW, how big is your camper? I’m towing a 27 footer.
  6. Max tow springs

    I recommend throwing a set of airbags in the coils as well.
  7. Max tow springs

    driver passenger
  8. Painting steel wheels, color match recommendations needed

    Hey folks, I’m going to be painting a set of factory steeliness to match the body color, bright white. Does anyone know of an off the shelf brand/ color that closely matches the body color?
  9. Maryland REDUCED: Rubicon Stock Suspension

    I might be interested, I’ve got a Max Tow that I’m trying to tighten up. What’s the difference between the MT LCA’s and the Rubicon LCA’s? I’m in Frederick BTW.
  10. Gladiator Fire Truck

    I want the bed!
  11. Have you noticed this on your buildsheet?

    I used to say my JKU had the aerodynamics of a vending machine. Holds true for the JT as well. I wouldbe terrified to go 97 in either!
  12. Maryland Rubicon Suspension Takeoffs, sell or trade for??

    I’ve been thinking about rubi shocks for my MT, what are you looking for in trade? I’m in Frederick as well.
  13. Did you buy your JT because of the bed or for towing???

    Towing but the bed has come in damn handy!
  14. Latest software/firmware?

    Is there any way to know if we have the latest FW/SW versions installed on our Jeeps?
  15. Thinking of rebuilding the steering system, any input?

    I personally have not retorqued anything myself...yet. DW was after the steering box TSB upgrade. 2” leveling spacer in the front. To be clear, I have only had a hint of DW one time on an overpass in a turn since the fixes. I’m just not happy with the way that it handles, that’s why I’m...
  16. Introduction of myself

    Welcome to the forum, Dimitri!
  17. Thinking of rebuilding the steering system, any input?

    I’ve had the new steering box installed via the TSB, had death wobble twice. Dealership replaced the stabilizer, one tie rod end, pitman arm and the drag link. Steering still sucks, wanders, dead spot and so on. Has anyone actually gone full aftermarket with the steering system? What did you do...
  18. Wind Noise Solved

    I’ve got a lot of noise coming from directly over my head, I’m assuming it’s the rear of the freedom panel. Unfortunately it’s colds as balls here in MD and everything is covered in snow and salt. I’ll be tackling this a bit later.
  19. Any issue damaging the finish on a matching spare (under vehicle)?

    I can’t say for sure as I haven’t really looked that closely but I believe the only part of the winch system that lifts the wheel in place is the hanger that fits in the center of the wheel. That said, if there’s some sort of center cap covering that part of the wheel once installed I wouldn’t...