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  1. Badge of Honor luck?

    Any response yet? I request some right after EJS with no badges so far. I have one from last year that they processed pretty quick.
  2. So, how much do you really scrape the belly while off road? Lifted.

    Surprised you got high centered on waterfall with that setup. I did it at Easter Jeep Safari with 37s and 2.75" of lift (Mopar plus 3/4 spacers).
  3. Fishbone Bed Rack

    Was going to try those but ended up building these for 1/3 of the cost of brackets, and they work with my existing Yakima trays. That saved me additional $250-300. Those mounts will certainly look better.
  4. Warn Winch VR10s install, anyone done one?

    Rustys winch plate works great with OEM steel bumper. Wires are a tight fight against grille. Only used winch once so far to pull out stuck Subaru
  5. 4.5 inch or 6 inch lift recommendations?

    You said before that you don’t take it off-road. In that case, you’re probably fine on streets. Not much wheeling in FL.
  6. 4.5 inch or 6 inch lift recommendations?

    If and when he hits the trails, he’ll lose a fender. 37s fully stuffed on Rubicon with Mopar lift plus 3/4” spacer. Subtract 2” in fender height and add 1.5” in tire diameter. Bye fender.
  7. Cliff Hanger - one fender and some rocker dings.

    My biking and Jeep hobbies intersected. I’m subscribed to a mountain biker on YouTube, and he has you his video near the end at 8:37
  8. Badge of Honor luck?

    I’m guessing they’re backed up from Easter Jeep Safari just happening.
  9. Fishbone Bed Rack

    First camping trip was a success with my DIY side bike mount using the 1” receiver brackets
  10. Small lift advice/suggestions needed

    I think Kaeo has the higher Rubicon fenders. IMO, 3” lift on front of Rubicon with 35s will be too much fender gap. I have 37s on Mopar 2” plus 3/4 spacer (and winch), and it looks pretty proportional. I think your set up looks good and proportional with standard height fenders on 35s.
  11. Cliff Hanger - one fender and some rocker dings.

    Kudos man! I’ve mountain biked a lot of that trail with Hymasa and Captain Ahab trails there and always thought it would be super tough except for side by sides
  12. Went on our side in Moab.

    Glad you guys made ok! I’ve done Hells Revenge and not ready to brave the Escalator yet. Was back in Moab this weekend to ride my mtn bike and do Top of the World. Driving on Kane Creek Rd, I saw a mangled Jeep that fell of Moab rim with officers on site. 2 guys were killed on Saturday. Very sad.
  13. 3.73 gearing with 37s

    I don’t think so but it’d be closer. Without other mods besides lift and tires, Rubicon will have the steel rear bumper, sliders on side and rear, and sway bar disconnect motor.
  14. 3.73 gearing with 37s

    Amen. Forgot to mention that Sport or Overland models will have better results compared to the Rubicon or Mojave, which weigh 400lbs more out of the box
  15. 3.73 gearing with 37s

    Good feedback and glad it’s working out for you! Just apples and oranges from Florida to Idaho or higher elevation - I have experience with both. If my JT were still in TX, I’d be on stock 4.10s with 37s. Being in Utah now, I regeared to 5.13s. Naturally aspirated engines lose ~3% for every 1k...
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Built electric hard top hoist (harbor freight hoist) and misc hardware
  17. Skids plates for JTR

    Thanks! What size of shock bolts did you get? I’m more familiar with SAE bolt sizing than metric. Guessing those shock bolts are m12.
  18. Mopar Lift supporting pieces

    Adjustable front track bar recommended, especially if you’re going to 38s. You’ll want extra sturdiness from aftermarket track bar. I threw on TB reinforcement bracket while I was doing it. My rear track was almost even still. Relocation brackets - depends on use case if you wheel in rocks with...
  19. Why you chose Mopar Lift vs 3rd Party?

    You should be generally fine. Depends on what you call a bypass. Example, Metal masher has some serious level 7-9 obstacles (Widow Maker is one) that only seriously built rigs or dedicated crawlers do and that you bypass. Even Fins and Things has a few lines that I wouldn’t take due to departure...
  20. Skids plates for JTR

    Did you get longer bolts for the Rockhard shock and axle side control arm skids? Digging the hitch skid. I want one of those.