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  1. Will U-Haul rent for a Gladiator with a hard top?

    yep they will rent about anything remotely in spec honestly. Just they hate soft tops, really glad I own a trailer already....
  2. Aftermarket Soft top?

    So true. Use a tiny one for the windshield bolts. Thumbscrews are slower than power tools but faster than the baby ratchet, lol The rain is sometimes random and the humidity here is so high that if the seats get wet they might not dry for a week. lol
  3. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    Documentation fees suck. The state sets the maximum and all dealers get into some kind of agreement they will all hold the line on it and not ever budge.
  4. Let Us Hear That You Want Core Doors!

    Thank you for the response here and it is good to hear you only want to put out a quality product. I think this survey got us all very excited since it has been a little back and forth if these were coming. Can we safely assume at this point this means that they are back to the status of not...
  5. Aftermarket Soft top?

    Yep that man bun makes noticeable drag and noise for sure. Especially at 70mph. I get enough pop up storms here that I leave the back window out and the soft top in man bun mode and put it in safari mode every time I park. Saved my ass so many times from rain and bird poop, even with the...
  6. Aftermarket Soft top?

    Soo much wind. and not that it matters because it is a jeep, but MPG does go down because of how much of a wind sail the soft top is.
  7. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    And don't waste your time with stateline either. Travis is busy, he usually replied within 24 hours though, but that delaership isn't open as long of hours and days as others. Wouldn't hurt to call though as well.
  8. Trickle charge'n

    Mine sat for about 3 weeks total when I first injured my knee. Auto stop start didn't engage for a while after the first time I drove it, other than that though everything started up just fine. The JTs are pretty solid. My Sienna on the otherhand will die if it sits for like a week
  9. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    Reach out to Travis at Tri-City, he will tell you the truth on orders. Its worth the drive. I had less than stelar experiences with two different Charlotte area dealers.
  10. Assholes giving the bird

    But if they are requiring 35s on the wrangler wouldn't that equal something more like a 37 or 38 on the JT? I wonder if some clubs are even just trying to figure out how and what would be needed on a JT. The breakover and departure add a new factor they haven't accounted for
  11. Toys?

    Still looking for the matchbox one. It much better represents my JT, lol People think I am crazy the way I did through the car section at stores looking for gladiators
  12. Doors off, premium soft top, rain protection?

    I wouldn't bank on it. There still hasn't been any commitment to it. Really sucks since the factory half doors are disapointing especially for the cost. As luck has it the two things I wanted for my JT never got JL/JT versions. Quadratec mirror movers and Bestop Core Doors.
  13. Mopar door off mirrors and brackets

    wow thanks for sharing that. Looks like yet another PIA option from Mopar. Based on the pictures I would have assumed that somehow these would use some kind of more permanent mount and disconnect system. All the effort and bolting that would be required to use these just seems not worth it...
  14. Doors off, premium soft top, rain protection?

    Thanks. I wish I would have ordered the element doors when you had them for sale a month or two ago, but I was really hoping on core doors happening.
  15. Assholes giving the bird

    Lol its possible, for all I know my kids could have flipped the bird at somebody in the past. They had a phase with it.... Not to many gators in our area, I know my dad has seen your truck before. Unless you know of another gator mojave around here I have probably seen yours as well.
  16. Bird poop after removing top

    found a nice little turd on my driver's seat the other day. Have dogged a few driving down the road where I got windshield splatter at the top part of it but not on me. just fractions of a second away from crap on my face that time
  17. MOPAR trailer brake controller

    I have seen forum members on here in some of the other threads get it to extend to the glove box. There was also some cable for sale on quadratc that could further extend it out.
  18. Assholes giving the bird

    They have got to jealous thats just it. Can't get that color in the wrangler at all.
  19. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    they should all be the same. the only difference is the rear seat if leather has a cup holder thing that slides down