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  1. Immortal R1 Rear Bumper

    Looks good! Does it have the option to add side protection on the rear lower portion of the bed? Similar to the rubicon bed sliders.
  2. A.R.E. shell came in!

    Nice! It looks great on your Mojave. What’s the lift and tire size? I have a very similar setup on order. I was told end of august 😢
  3. 3-piece Rubicon Steel Bumper - Discontinued???

    A plastic esthetic cone does not make the bumper a plastic bumper…. if that logic applies then I guess our trucks are fiberglass POS’s and extremely overpriced.
  4. 3-piece Rubicon Steel Bumper - Discontinued???

    weird… my stock rubicon front and rear bumper are steel.
  5. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    A little over 20k miles on my launch edition JTR and it’s been on numerous road trips through snowstorms at elevation in Colorado, windy days going through Texas and Oklahoma and top off trips through parts of Arizona including a camping trip this last weekend and I’m loving every aspect of the...
  6. You WILL buy a Gladiator and 37’s after you watch this - Off Roading explained

    I’ll just leave this here. Another great look at the physics of overcoming obstacles, with Lego’s!
  7. Fake trim levels?

    I would agree. Although the big German brands are slapping AMG, M , and “S” on everything these days as it is.
  8. Noise when downshifting

    Same issue here but wrote it off as a quirk of the truck. 2020 JTR with stock suspension and tires. Interested to hear about others issues and possible solution
  9. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    The main point is to bring them more inline with the side profile relative to the side of the bed of the truck. They do appear to protrude rearward with the two bumps representing rear facing brake light LEDs in a higher output but overall they stick out far less than OEM. Refer back to post...
  10. A.R.E CX HD ordered. Post up on your HD’s!

    So I finally placed my order for the A.R.E CX and after a few months of research and back and forth I opted for the HD for the added weight carrying on the roof rack. my build options: CX HD Driver side windoor Passenger side sliding window w/ screen Rear sliding window to cab Carpet lined...
  11. Funny little switch

    If you don’t report back in an hour we will call the local authorities. Best of luck and godspeed...
  12. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    Stoked on these! My right rear is cracked thanks to some tight trails. thanks @ORACLElights
  13. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    Ordered! 👍
  14. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    @ORACLElights so... there will be a group buy on the first run of these?
  15. The JT TRPR

    Same question. Like the location!
  16. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    It would be nice to see sales by trim level. Good to see they are doing well despite the supply chain constraints.
  17. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Just ordered a mini. Thanks @Kevin_D
  18. Newsflash: Overlands aren’t just Mall Crawlers!

    We all know that one is supposed to post the most epic looking photos! Looks like a good time to me!
  19. Newsflash: Overlands aren’t just Mall Crawlers!

    It honestly doesn’t look like that deep of mud/water. When it enters it displaces a large amount of initial water creating a wave at the front of the vehicle. If you look at the side of the photo the water is roughly at the base of the door and well below the rated water crossing level.