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  1. Gearing and commute w/ M/T

    That’s what she said
  2. Assholes giving the bird

    Sorry folks, I just in all have a lower perception of humanity than most- doesn’t surprise me that that guy is a sopping wet snatch....(used those to avoid the C word)
  3. Gladiator Fire Truck

    This poor thing is spec’d wrong. Should’ve been a sport with the “max toe” (insert hahah) 4:10 ratios, heavy duty cooling, extra power generation for all the electronics and radios, extra wide axles for heavier use and increased payload, rear ac outlet potential for IC adaptation and additional...
  4. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    Outside local shops, rugged ridge, quadratrec, and wheel parts have all been good to me. Plus Amazon...
  5. .

    I’ve seen 7k off 2020 like right now
  6. Why didn't jeep create a digital center speedo

    Yea certainly would be cool! speaking for myself, I generally love analog seeming gauges. Digital center mode??? Ok I can get with that too. —-full disclosure;I loved my minis center and my CJ center clusters too.—- That’s something that can be done with a simple update. Wierd. 10k premium over...
  7. 2021 Gladiator Texas Trail Model Announced & Jeep Badge of Honor Program Adds Two Texas Trails

    I wish they would just repackage the it as a whole and stop the stupid layering of shit. none of the packages offer you the Jeep just the right way.... there’s always some stupid option getting you not enough or too much features
  8. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    And that’s why import Asian brands kill it- look how far Kia and hyandai. Have come
  9. Jeep AND whiskey lovers

    If you think that’s tasty- find their green label rye. That’s really nice. Some publications even called it the best spirit you can buy. Now that’s a stretch for sure but none the less it’s really quite very good....
  10. Q1 2021 Gladiator Sales Figures Are In

    My question is; with all these sales gains- and dealers of all brands having seemingly empty or half empty lots- is it supply chain “covid” or trade war China going on???? Or how much of the two???
  11. How well are Gladiator's holding their value?

    See this and.... id say very well.......
  12. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    Woulda been hilarious if you had said; ”just asking for a friend”
  13. No longer recommending Elliot in SLV cdjr

    true! Ca dealers are super tight fisted i bought previous from Dave smith in idaho. remember for California; it must have 50 state emissions you will need to get a) a emissions verification from emissions place b) weighed at a scale -most likely because it’s a truck c) a separate “vin...
  14. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    I liked gator as a nice balance for that reason
  15. MotorTrend 2021 Gladiator Review - Terrifying Towing?

    I THINK THIS BELONGS HERE. it’s a tow review that actually talks about weight and balance and gvw and towing.... from an experienced tower. Wierd how different his conclusions are.