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  1. Two weeks removed from new and new car smell is gone

    Well I would suggest getting a bottle of 'New Car Smell' But if they have to grind up 1,600,000 roses to get a kilo of rose oil, I would hate to think how many new Gladiators they would have to grind up to get that! 😳
  2. Fab Four Front Stubby Bumper - Fog Lights

    In the item listing over on Quadratec, they have some information : "Accepts both factory fog lights (Not compatible with factory steel bumper fog lights) and aftermarket 3" cube lights." Q. Since this bumper has square openings for the fog lights, what fog lights that are square and plug and...
  3. Bring back Gator

    Agreed, Gator and Gobi were awesome! I had to settle for Stinggray, but I am thinking about doing a two-tone paint job to get 'some' Gobi? Ya, that is how much I like those colors.
  4. If you had to choose one axle for a locker

    An informative video on that HERE
  5. Guardian Mid-width Front Bumper ?

    Is anyone running one of these, or has seen one in person? I'm in 'need' of a front bumper and was thinking 'stubby', but I like the looks of this. Any feedback would be appreciated. More info here - Guardian Bumper
  6. Has anybody encountered an aftermarket solution like this...

    Wait until you see it lift its roof
  7. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Mine arrived at 9 am and it was ready for pick-up at 2 pm.
  8. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    So that must be the Gladiator Diesel with the Mr. Fusion* option? ;) *- for you youngsters, a reference to the movie 'Back to the Future about time travel
  9. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    When I ordered on 04/01 I was told the order was 'suspended' by FCA (fill in the current company name), and perhaps a month before they 'accept' the order. The Gladiator was built by 04/15 as it when on the train then, and I received it on 04/30. Although the general manager said they (my...
  10. Metal-Look Instrument Panel?

    Interesting. All the Rubicons at my dealer were leather (black) and all had red dashes. I ordered Dark Saddle as I like that color leather and a side benefit for me was no red dash (like you, I am not a fan of that). The one you posted is a Nacho exterior, so perhaps the metallic color dash...
  11. Metal-Look Instrument Panel?

    If you order the Dark Saddle (ALTV) leather you get this instead of the red.
  12. No more Nacho

    You would think they would update their 'Build a Jeep' as they still get your hopes up. From 1 minute ago:
  13. Freedom panel bag delete

    Order JTR on 03/29, received 04/30 had both the Freedom Top bag, and two keys (Oregon)
  14. Curb Weight (and balance) on scales

    By some miracle, I've had my Gladiator for 3 days and it has not yet gained an 'accessory' 😳 so I thought it would be a good time to weigh it, prior to its inevitable weight gain. It seems Jeep is pretty spot on with their published weight of 5050-5072 lbs for a Rubicon. Configuration - 2021...
  15. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I requested one on 04/26 and had the link to access it via email within 8 hours. An FYI when you enter the data on page one, it will show 'Not Found', but you should receive an email at the email address you filled-in, with a link to access it.
  16. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I don't know if this is helpful, but when I ordered my Gladiator 03/29 and 04/01 (the dealer screwed up and ordered it twice), I was told the order was suspended by FCA (as in the dealer took the order, but FCA would not accept it). So perhaps a month to get it 'accepted', and 2-3 months for...
  17. Rise up Tall People!!!!

    Any install tips/tricks, or just a straight "offer up and place in situ" type installation?
  18. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Ordered a JTR on 03/29/21, on the train 04/15/21, arrived at the depot in Englewood, OR (Portland area) 04/21/21, deliver to the dealer in Southern Oregon this morning on 04/30/21, will be in my grimy hands in 1 hour. :clap: Update: in my grimy hands and TWO keys, it must be my lucky day
  19. Dealers sticking to prices more?

    Same on the left coast. My dealer seems more concerned about getting inventory, than selling inventory. Jeep Gladiator, the new Bitcoin 🤔