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  1. Brake pedal almost immovable before startup

    As an update: I brought it back to the dealer yesterday and had them look at it again. They diagnosed it as a calibration issue with the ABS. They reset it and claim it should fix it.
  2. ESS - never works

    Yes that does affect the system from kicking on and off, however, in my case the dash display always showed that it was charging.
  3. Roof leak in back

    As a friendly reminder have them double check the rear window defroster connection before you pick up your Jeep…
  4. ESS - never works

    Today I dropped it off my local dealer to have them take a look at it again. I was notified that the issue was that the ‘Intelligent Battery Sensor’ was not properly calibrated and didn’t know when the battery was charged. Because of the calibration issue the Start/Stop would not kick in. The...
  5. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    What brand did you use?
  6. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    Thanks! I bought my truck last September and the dealer definitely ran it through some car washes to keep it clean while it was on their lot. That caused a lot of swirl marks and minor defects. The detailer was able to get that all cleared up before the ceramic coating. Overall i think it is...
  7. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    $1250 that included 1 step paint correction, ceramic coating applied to the wheels, truck and rear bumper. An additional coating was applied on the exterior plastic trim.
  8. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    I had it done to provide UV protection and in an effort to keep it clean. My Jeep sits outside and isn’t garage kept.
  9. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    The detailed claimed it would prevent light scratching. However I’m not sure it that’s marketing hype or has some basis in reality.
  10. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    I just got my black Gladiator back from a local detailing shop that applied a 3 year ceramic coat. The paint had a lot of swirl marks from sitting on the lot and minor blemishes from transit. The detailer did a fantastic job cleaning up the paint and the coating looks fantastic!
  11. 2021 Gladiator Texas Trail Model Announced & Jeep Badge of Honor Program Adds Two Texas Trails

    Why the smaller head unit? Don’t they know that everything is bigger in Texas???
  12. Ride grapplers, Duratracs, or K02

    I had Duratracs on my F150. They were pretty quite, handled nicely on dry pavement and wore pretty evenly. My only complaint was their handling in wet weather. They frequently lost traction at medium speed on wet asphalt... The F150’s traction control helped a lot, but it could only help so much.
  13. ESS - never works

    I’ll give it a shot. If I charge and the ESS works, am I then looking at a bad alternator?
  14. ESS - never works

    I’ve had my Gladiator for about 7 months and I’ve only had the ESS work a few times during that time. When I remember to check, the HUD in the center dash always gives me a Start/Stop disabled due to battery charging message. During my first oil change I mentioned the issue to the service...
  15. Brake pedal almost immovable before startup

    Dealer could not reproduce the issue and suggested I keep an eye on it. The issue is manifesting itself more as it heats up here in Texas; however, it’s not as pronounced. The pedal is easier to push in (still feels hard though) and now only sinks to a usual level once it does so. I’ve contacted...
  16. Roof leak in back

    My total time was just over 4 months. JeepCares was instrumental in getting to moved along (and I’m very grateful for their involvement), however I was told that the way the dealer ordered the part was the issue. Not sure what the Jeep rep meant, as they did not provide any additional details...
  17. AEV Salta Xr Pic Request

    Subbing as I’ve had my eyes on those wheels as well.
  18. Rant on Buying a Torque Wrench: How Frustrating!

    I had the same need as you (my thread is buried somewhere on here). I ultimately went with a Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F beam torque wrench. No need to detorque for storage and made in the US. I read great things about HF’s Icon line (see my thread for some insight), but it was only ~$50...
  19. Popping noise on JTRD - bushing issue?

    I’ve had my dealer try to solve a reported popping sound issue as well. They initially identified it as a loose bolt - that wasn’t it as it is still occurring and they weren’t able to reproduce on a second visit. I’m interested to see what you find.
  20. Roof leak in back

    Mine is a 2020 as well.