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  1. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    The TSB specifically states a wonder or pull to the left or right. But agree not a recall just a fix as needed.
  2. "JEEP" tailgate badge mods?

    Excited to see how it comes out!
  3. Gobi gone too?

    I think @[email protected] is doing 8% now.
  4. affordable handheld CB radio

    The baoufeng can access the Australian CB frequencies which is where I think a lot of the confusion comes in. I have not seen any programmable radios that can access the us cb frequencies. I have ran a baoufeng for gmrs frequencies (I know it’s not fully legal but I was broadcasting within the...
  5. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    Mine is doing this now. Do you have a solve?
  6. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    That’s horrible. The law in NC states if any one of the three (20 days, 4x same issue services, safety and value depreciation) is in play it is a lemon. I can’t believe how they think they can just rewrite the law. You are right, the car manufacturers have their hands in the arbitrators...
  7. Going to Arbitration for buy back

    I have gone through the Lemon process in NC here is my story: To start off, I am in no way violating any NDA as I was not required to sign anything stating I could not share my experiences. As stated above an NC Lemon case qualify if: You are in the shop for more then 20 days in the fist...
  8. North Carolina

    Guys, I’m in a local Raleigh club you can check out triangle off roaders on Instagram and Facebook. We are headed to URE on Saturday the 20th and all are welcome! Just hit up the social accounts and let them know your interested!
  9. Massachusetts deals?

    Lived in mass for 8 years. Good luck finding anything much below MSRP.
  10. Bad steering box 68418449AE

    Report back how they are to work with. I had some pretty bad experiences with capital CJD in garner. I won’t be going back there. The unfortunate part is they are 2 min from my office. But their service department it shit.
  11. Tri-City Jeep Now Offering 8% Below Invoice Pricing on Jeep Gladiators

    @[email protected] maybe it’s time for me to buy another one :LOL::CWL::LOL::CWL:
  12. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Back in the day when I ordered mine the “delivery date” stated in the system was actually the date it hit the line to start production. Best of luck! Can’t wait to see the market flooded with Mojave’s. I wasn’t patient enough to wait (I also wanted the tailgate rock armor and the front and rear...
  13. About to make a deal and last minute the dealer tells me the vehicle has over 4000 miles...

    Sounds like the owner or a sales manager liked the JT and drove it a lot while it was for sale. If it hasn’t been sold before it’s “new” but not really. I would walk away or get a bigger discount.

    We loved that car! With that said it needed a lot of work to be one in my garage. It was a stiff ride off-road, needed bigger tires and a better suspension. On road it was comfortable. We didn’t go too far off road this time next time we go back we plan on doing the highlands but they were still...
  15. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    The beach! 100% the beach. But also local off-road park uwharrie. I had plans to get out to EJS this year but that was canceled :-/. With the little sprout on the way not sure when we can get back out there but that is our next big trip!
  16. Live or Overlanded Alaska? Need Your Help!

    Of July. Sorry i forgot that part.
  17. Live or Overlanded Alaska? Need Your Help!

    We’ll be there from the 6th-the 15th. Thanks for the advice!