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  1. "Perfect" Redarc Brake Controller knob install, almost.

    -that's what she said :CWL: couldn't help myself aahahah
  2. 2021 Synergy Steering Brace Version 2.0 Better than ever

    Sounds like another message to Synergy needs to be sent off, to see about including some type of "optional" washer in their kits.
  3. Bak Revolver X4 vs X4s

    Could you post, or send me more photos of this cover?? I'm cross shopping this one, and a Roll-n-Lock #LG495M Watched a few different owners reviews of the original X4, and kinda steered away from it, till I saw this new version, and it's peaked my interest once again.
  4. Texas AMP Bed Step - Broken in 4 months

    Its designed to be mounted in the center, left offset, and right offset. as per their instructions... Such a shame, cause for the price of that little step. It had better be damn near bulletproof. Actually, I was on the understanding that they were cast alunimum :movember: Then again, i never...
  5. AM/FM Antenna Delete - Moving From Exterior to Interior

    Neat! Might have to do this! I quite like the clean "shaved" look. Use spotify and sat radio usually anyways
  6. OEM Audio Plus

    The launch was to be released here recently, but has been pushed back, for whatever reason, not off to a good start for me. I've been subbed to their email for a while now waiting on updates.
  7. Aluminum Steering Options

    I've been wondering this exact question myself! Looking forward to seeing more input
  8. Ball Joint Delete

    they are doing it for JL/JT. just released.
  9. 6 door JL spotted

    Is that, double freedom panels? #longjeepscantwheel
  10. The Return Of Usable Bed Space!

    What traction mats are those? have a link to them? They look like they fit perfectly between the wheel arches!
  11. Jeep screwed us

    I'm going to assume we're talking about the manual in specific? If not, i suppose this post still applies. - I do agree, the fix being rolled out, is piss poor at best. But i see why. It's far cheaper to flash the PCM, than it is to drop transmissions, to replace clutches. But, #itsajeepthing...
  12. What do you bring

    No matter how prepared I think I am..... Always gonna be missing that ONE thing. :headbang:
  13. Passenger sun visor broke!!!

    +1 on ordering! also @Pepe thanks for that heads up!
  14. Custom Rear Bumper Lights - Reverse, Brakes, and Turn Signals

    I've got eyes like a hawk :CWL: Was the very first thing I spotted when I watched the video. A little OCD about things like that. I definitely like that harness adapter you made tho! I'm not one for splicing into factory harnesses with those goofy taps and such. I'll have to pick one of those...
  15. Custom Rear Bumper Lights - Reverse, Brakes, and Turn Signals

    Great idea, but fitment on that pod is eh. I'm yet to see a light fixture fit, and give the kind of light output I'd be after to make this worthwhile. It's just a stupid sized opening. So i'll be keeping my block off plates, blank for now.
  16. Passenger sun visor broke!!!

    Thanks all! That's defiantly a better option than an E clip. Although, a bit more expensive. Now to wait on shipping :headbang:
  17. Passenger sun visor broke!!!

    Have a link to what you've used?? I've actually never even heard of a split collar.
  18. New Jeep experience

    Hijacking this thread! How do you like that tonneau cover?? I've been eyeballing it up for a little while now! Any complaints?
  19. Smog Failed - Not Ready

    Has someone had a scan tool hooked to it, in the very recent history, and reset codes/adaptations? Cause if someone keep's clearing it, it'll never be ready.
  20. Shake rattle roll

    You drive YOUR jeep, however you see fit. Wanna crawl at less than a snails pace? Cool Wanna blast through like a prerunner? Or ping it off the revlimiter every chance you get? Go for it.