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  1. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    Placed the order for the @RLD Design USA Cap. Went with the paint-match cap, paint-match rear door, and black side doors. Ordered the cap from Rhino Adventure Gear. Cody is great guy to work with. Delivery won't be until around July... These are the closest images I could find for how it...
  2. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    Last weekend we took a drive through the hills with the Freedom Panels removed. Having those panels removed was amazing so we immediately ordered a @Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop to install this weekend. It takes less than 10 sec to put up or down from the driver's seat. When it's closed...
  3. Gladiator hoods aluminum or steel?

    This article has a good overview of the materials used for the Wrangler body and frame: A lot of aluminum and even some magnesium.
  4. Black Satin Grill

    Here's a photo overview of how we swapped the Trail Cam: It does take some time to remove all the clips without breaking anything.
  5. Black Satin Grill

    My Sting Gray w/ Black Satin Grille Old Grille
  6. Is an EcoDiesel with 4-Auto a Pipe Dream?

    My understanding is the Selec Trac clutches are computer controlled and the computer only sends torque to the front when the rear slips. In that case, leaving the TC in 4-Auto wouldn't necessarily wear the clutches unless you're getting slip. It's also my understanding that the clutch is...
  7. Armorlite floor system thermal insulating performance tested with sensors

    How's the weight compared to the original carpet?
  8. Mojave Spring Rate and Bypass Zone

    Not to hijack this thread, but I'm planning to install an RLD cap (175 lb) and Bush Company Alpha roof top tent (238 lb). With a constant 400+ lb load over the bed, I want to swap out the rear springs. Since the existing spring rate is tuned for the Mojave, I'm thinking it would be best to...
  9. Mojave Spring Rate and Bypass Zone

    @KurtP, any idea why the Mojave has softer rear springs than the Rubicon? I'm assuming it has firmer fronts to help reduce bottoming out.
  10. Is Selec-Trac worth trading in your 2020 Gladiator for a 2021?

    The Grand Cherokee SRT is 475 hp and it's very difficult to spin the tires in 4H Auto. You really need to launch it in the rain to get any noticeable wheel spin. The SRT drive modes change the torque split: Auto 40-60, Sport 35-65, Track 30-70, Tow 50-50, Snow 50-50. If it only directs power...
  11. Diesel VS Max Tow

    GVW and GVWR are different. GVW is how much the vehicle weighs, GVWR is how much the vehicle and its contents are allowed to weigh. You want a low GVW and a high GVWR.
  12. Is Selec-Trac worth trading in your 2020 Gladiator for a 2021?

    If you look at the exploded diagrams of the Command Trac vs Rock Trac vs Selec Trac vs Rock Trac Full Time, it almost looks like they're all the same transfer case in 4 different combinations. Rock Trac adds 4:1 gearing in the front half, Selec Trac adds the clutch in the back half. The mating...
  13. Is Selec-Trac worth trading in your 2020 Gladiator for a 2021?

    The Selec-Trac in the Wrangler and Gladiator uses the MP3022 transfer case. I think there's some concern about it being clutch based instead of differential based. However, the MP3023 in the 5.7L Grand Cherokee and MP3010 in the 6.4 and 6.2L Grand Cherokee are also clutch based and I haven't...
  14. Ultra Low Diesel Sulfur

    From my understanding, to run non-ULSD, the exhaust SCR system would need to be bypassed but the exhaust DPF and DEF system would be ok. I recall bypassing the SCR requires reprogramming the computer to avoid MIL lights, which no one is willing to do after the EPA crackdown. However...

    Did anyone figure out if the Ram lamps physically fit the Gladiator? I've attached the installation instructions for Mopar Ram Cargo Bed Lamps. The harness has a ground wire and two additional wires that go up to the front. Maybe those two are B+ and switched, or it's 3-way switched.
  16. Suspension: Sport S vs. Mojave?

    The Mojave has softer rear springs than some other models, which reduces the tow rating. It seems like it depends on what type of Sport S you have. From the 2021 Gladiator Owner's Manual:
  17. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    Nice! Yeah, we'd definitely go with the standard size Falcon. I like the Falcon for how low profile it is and the standard size for how it doesn't hang over the edge of the bed.
  18. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    Great info! Still trying to decide between the Curt and Draw-Tite. It looks like the Curt is lower profile but the Draw-Tite is stronger. Will probably go with the Curt for better approach angle.
  19. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    The floor mats are very nice. I love how Jeep puts so much thought into the details. It’s looking like an ideal platform for overlanding. The Pentastar, 8-spd ZF, and D44’s should be incredibly reliable. Will be interesting to see the long term durability of the Selec-Trac TC. Congrats on...