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  1. So many questions there are already answers to….in the JL forum.

    Eh. The JL forum can be useful but I'd rather rehash the stuff over here honestly. I always cringe a little when the convo gets linked to one going on over there. No big deal obviously but Enough differences exist to me to make it good practice to discuss here, even if its the same stuff...
  2. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    Just anecdotal but drove by my jeep dealer yesterday and where there use to be about 50 gladiator/wranglers and some other various jeeps its now all Rams. Last time I drove by maybe 15 or 20 gladiators. I only saw 4 this time.
  3. What to plan for... keeping back hard top off extended period.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just pulled the trigger on it. Hopefully it works out well for me.
  4. Help me not buy a Ranger Tremor

    Its funny. If I got a ranger tremor I'd have to mod it to hell and back to even like it. My willys jt on the other hand I have to think of ways I want to change it from stock because I like to make it "mine". Just do what you do. Ultimately these threads are always just a waste of time...
  5. How Many Miles...

  6. Best way to clean trail dust from interior?

    My rigs full of pollen atm... was thinking about just putting some leather protector on some paper towels and giving it a rubdown. The paper towels so to always have something clean rubbing against
  7. Do you DIY or take it to the dealer?

    Can't argue with that. My thoughts on the oil change is I'm getting their floor sweeper... if they can do a solid job might have a decent spot. My last mechanic only does euro imports. The guy is on my Christmas card list. Complete expert in his choosen lane. Really miss him already. Easily...
  8. Jeep incentives - Dealer difficulties

    As others have said, Ask them, they decide. My incentive was locked in so that it could only get better, not worse from the time of ordering, getting anything new added on at pickup but that is just what my dealer does.
  9. Do you DIY or take it to the dealer?

    Eh. Depends. Probably will use the oil changes to test out some of the dealer service around. Have a few nearby enough. Will be checking on their work though. Before leaving. Should be fun. Would be nice to find a good one if something big comes up under warranty. Out of warranty if I can't...
  10. Assholes giving the bird

    I believe... Xtra Juicy, Too Juicy, Just Kidding, Just Long
  11. need recovery board mounting ideas

    Was thinking about mounting under my trifold hard tonneau. Would obviously sacrifice some bed height but I'd personally be hard pressed to have the bed full when those would be needed anyhow. The thought is I can just flip up the lid for easy access without having to unpack anything.
  12. Trickle charge'n

    So my jeep has had to sit for a week and its looking like atleast another week or two before I can drive it long enough for a good charge. Have an adjustable trickle charger but this is my first dual battery so before I just hook it up thought it would be worth asking if that changes anything...
  13. Mesh top recommendations?

    I felt the same. Big time the same. Decided to take it off for the afternoon and now all I can think about is how I can keep it off more. Taking off the front is fun. Taking off the back is ridiculous fun. It completely changes the driving experience and honestly, after the first time and...
  14. Broke my first thing....

    Small price to pay so that my JT doesnt ever have to feel the disgrace of wearing the man bun that is the soft top.
  15. Oracle DRL bulb caution.

    Thanks for sharing. Sucks you didn't get what you thought, agree this should be flashing in bold red letters when somebody orders it. I'm of the weirdos that hate drl though, so this sounds like a feature to me. Hopefully it isn't fixed before I buy it.
  16. SLEEPING in a JT

    I'm glad this thread is still going. I too am still day dreaming about being able to comfortably and stealthily sleep in my JT. The back seat delete gets me stealth but not comfort. Thought of taking out front seat but too much function gone. Thought hammock from from front passenger to back...
  17. Jeep (doesn't) Care(s)

    I'm gonna guess. Canada.