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  1. So what’s up with these eBay bumpers?

    I have heard of rusting on the knockoff version - most likely due to inconsistent and thin powdercoat.
  2. Virginia $1100 Takeoff 4 factory Mojave tires and wheels

    If break up the set I would take 1 (I'm in Richmond)
  3. My Warn Tube doors arrived...

    Mine are pretty tight. I did have to adjust the little rubber piece on bottom to get just right.
  4. Garage woes...

    I have to back my Gladiator in to clear the door - I don't clear the opener. I use a J-barr to attach. Then I have a chain from the ceiling that holds the J-barr directly over the spot that it needs to be to attach. Then mount hoist to the ceiling about 6 feet back to the rear of garage or...
  5. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    It is the harbor freight and I can pull up almost to the pulley. Eventually the chain goes against the brake and shuts off hoist so doesn’t go to far.
  6. Hidden/Buried features of the JT

    I never noticed the gladiator had lock on center console !
  7. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    Here are some pics. Instead of hoisting up - I went to Lowe's and purchased some chain to hang direct down from above. I put a pully toward the rear of the garage. You could actually do the same thing with just a chain mounted to the ceiling and the hoist to the rear but I wanted to keep...
  8. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    Yea I have to back in - but because of shelves I have at the rear of garage I can't back in enough (by about 10 inches)
  9. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    The biggest rigging I did of mine was because my garage door opener was in the way of pulling straight up. So I have a fixed distance (metal chain) handing straight down from celing holding the bar right above the roof. Then the hoist pulls it up at a 45 degree angle. So when the roof is...
  10. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    I mean it in a complimentary way. I actually like it being a padded wood bar where I get a little squeamish when the metal J-bar hits my top when I'm messing with. We aren't talking about a lot of weight when it comes to these tops - homemade and wood is more then adequate.
  11. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    Pretty much a homemade J-Barr (which I have)
  12. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    Mine would lock up and have to be reset the first few weeks - after that it has been fine when pulled it out. I think turning it off before putting on power helps (just my random thought of what I do different now)
  13. My Warn Tube doors arrived...

    I got my rear doors at the same time but they were missing the door latch hardware (so I had to wait about 2 more weeks to install once the hardware arrived from Warn).
  14. Uses for the Aux Switch

    While I have one for my rock lights, I wired up another with just an SAE plug end connected under the hood so I can plug about anything into it as needed.
  15. Spray In Bed Liner Line-X or Rhino?

    My Line-X quoted me $150 extra for UVA and I mentioned I see most people say its $100 extra. And they immediately said they can do $100.
  16. Can we Disable the auto stop start?

    Probably depends on your Model. Example: An audi A6/A7 the button will not remember last state and default back. My audi S6 the same button would remember last state and stay off. I think on their general models they don't allow the disable (so they get the mileage credit from...
  17. Higher than roof rack that works with factory tonneau cover

    I know Max has a bracket that works with the factory covers ... they may have a taller option accessory if you check with them.
  18. Power Outlet Newbie Question

    Thanks @ gonzoy5. One thing on my testing was the cooler was empty - I get much better results when food in there to maintain the cold. I think even if battery somewhat not at its factory level I should get a full weekend. I even have a a boulder 50 solar panel. I really would like to get...
  19. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    There are small hooks that you just hook at the bottom along rock rail or lip and then tighten the strap. Extremely simple.
  20. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    Its fine for me - allows me to leave freedom tops at home and not worry. I wouldnt' have the doors off without the rear roof off - so I'm fine. Even if for some random reason I did take the doors off and not the rear roof - its protected enough for a quick summer shower (won't hurt anything...