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  1. After a few thousand miles, how’s your gas mileage?

    I know, I know... Dozens of gas mileage threads already, but many are years old, and I’m curious what members are getting after thousands of miles. At 15,000 miles, current average is running 20.5 mpg, mixed driving. Suspension & running gear bone stock. When I had on wheels with a -6 offset...
  2. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Flipped over 15,000 miles this afternoon! Kevin
  3. 2021 - 7" to 8.4" upgrade

    Same reason I won't: (primarily) the restrictions on updates. And, as near as I can tell, their units are refurb.s. Kevin
  4. How Many Miles...

    Yeah, but that was nearly 2 years ago... Kevin
  5. How Many Miles...

    ...did your Gladiator have on it when you took possession? The Jeep I test drove had 3 miles on it, and my wife & I put 6 miles on it. We bought the same one, so it had 9 miles on the clock. How about you? Kevin
  6. Trim Levels, is it worth it?

    You do realize that the speakers are the same in all trim levels. The Alpine package simply adds an amplifier & the subwoofer. Kevin
  7. Two weeks removed from new and new car smell is gone

    You’re supposed to hang your ass out the window when you do that... It helps keep the car fresh & clean. Kevin
  8. Picked up my new jeep strange issues not sure what to make of

    Make sure you get the windshield replaced by the dealer. These windshields are bad enough without starting off with a defect! And I wouldn’t accept a chip repair! Kevin
  9. 2022 Rumors?

    It either won’t, or it will with an over-priced firmware update. Kevin
  10. What is the most important accessory for your Gladiator?

    Nerf bars with steps. I’ve got a short wife! Kevin
  11. Do you DIY or take it to the dealer?

    I take it in for any little thing that goes wrong. After what I paid, I’m gonna make them fix everything! I even took the rental when they had the Gladiator for two weeks, even though I have other vehicles. It’s their responsibility, and I’m making sure they live up to it. Kevin
  12. Dumb question probably

    If used as an emergency spare, it won’t hurt anything. Most, “Space-saver spares,” are smaller. Although as pointed out, don’t try it on an AWD vehicle. Kevin
  13. My experience, OEM sport s shocks to Falcon SP2 2.1

    “I added big, heavy tires and messed with the suspension and my ride sucked!” I’m not singling out the O/P, but seriously, what did you expect to happen? Seems to be an all-to-common theme... /rant Kevin
  14. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    I forgot to mention I’d already modified my Aux. Power outlet to be hot all the time. Kevin
  15. Total surprise at the dealership shop today - NO CHARGE

    Not having the Passive Entry attached to my VIN bit me in the butt. Recently during a warranty service, the dealer succeeded in breaking the connector on the door harness (long story.) Even though the buttons on the door handle are clearly visible, they grabbed a new harness from stock based...
  16. Total surprise at the dealership shop today - NO CHARGE

    Glad life gave you a few minutes to pop in here... And an unexpected null bill is always welcomed! Kevin
  17. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    The module needs a 20A feed. I hooked mine to the, “Cigarette lighter,” (aux. power) and it has a 20A fuse. Kevin
  18. Pulling to the right - Tried a bunch of crap

    He already bought a new set of tires... Kevin
  19. I somehow won these, but do they fit?

    Make sure they’re 17” wheels. There should be markings on the back with the size. Kevin