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  1. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    My JTR is stock, so I am not the best person to ask about after market skid plates. Probably others can chime in. I think the lift and 37s would help with the rear departure angle limitations that some of us experienced.
  2. Texas Method Vex wheels / Houston

    What are the specs on these wheels? Dimensions, offset, weights, etc. They look nice.
  3. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    I also experimented with the speed select feature (or whatever it’s called) and found it quite unnerving. The Jeep crawls along on its own with your only control being the steering.
  4. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    The trails are on a private ranch south of LLano and west of Highway 16. It’s near Enchanted Rock and has the same type of terrain. It also reminds me of Inks Lake State Park and some of the hiking trails there. Jeep Jamboree also used this same venue earlier this year and will likely go...
  5. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    I just stumbled across a thread in this forum early in March that listed the dates and locations. I figured they would fill up pretty quickly, so I picked a date and signed up.
  6. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    Stock size 285/70-17 for Rubicon.
  7. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    interesting. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a hitch skid! Thanks for the idea.
  8. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    There were a couple dozen Jeeps (split across two groups) and I think at least half were JTs. I may have been in the minority without a winch and now, of course, I need to add that to my wish list again. I more fully appreciate the benefits of bigger tires and lifts, as the rear end of my...
  9. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    Well I managed to duplicate the photo postings and can't figure out how to delete half of them without starting over. Maybe an administrator can do some friendly photo editing!
  10. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    I realize there are other threads on the Jeep Adventure Academy, but decided to start a new one showing some of the trails at the Llano, Texas event yesterday. The event organization was excellent, the trails were fun, and the participants (including the visiting horses) were friendly.
  11. Anyone attend Jeep Adventure Academy before?

    We did the Llano event today and had a great time time! I will post photos tomorrow.
  12. Anyone attend Jeep Adventure Academy before?

    We are signed up for the Friday session in Llano, Texas next month. Looking forward to it!
  13. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    And a couple more from the show...
  14. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    From local charity car show last weekend in Cedar Park, TX.
  15. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    Nice. I didn’t see the itinerary listed earlier when I pulled up the link. This answers my questions!
  16. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    Looking at the schedule for April, there is a listing for Llano, but I’m trying to figure out what the venue is. Wolf Caves is west of Mason and Hidden Falls is the other direction in Marble Falls. I sent a request to the organizers for clarification on the schedule. Assuming it is around a...

    I discovered yesterday that if I could get out of my driveway and out to the main road, the Gladiator would do okay. I was surprised how well it handled the snow and ice--went on a 30 mile drive to get a COVID vaccine. We passed a lot of other vehicles (including Wranglers) that seemed to be...
  18. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    At my local big box home improvement store earlier today...
  19. Jeep. It’s an AWE thing. AWE Exhaust Suite for the JT Gladiator is available now.

    Josh--what is the weight of the Trail system? These look very well engineered and nicely built!