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  1. Jeep (doesn't) Care(s)

    Hey, look at the bright side, it took 3 weeks of shipping to get my Mojave after it was completed!
  2. Adding Qi charging to console

    I did the Scanstrut wirelss on a 67 Designs mount. Holds the phone super secure and works flawlessly
  3. GVWR Poorly Engineered?

    Pretty sure no manufacturer has engineers sitting around dreaming up all of the weight that potential buyers might add to their designs. They build the product, test it and manufacture it. Once you take delivery , it would be YOUR responsibility to modify with these things in mind.
  4. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    The Texas Hill Country is amazing!
  5. Does the spare tire have a TPMS??

    I had the 5 wheel rotation done on my Mojave, and the screen is reading 4 tires.
  6. Jeep screwed us

    "I would stop making payments until I had it back" Probably the absolute worst advice ever given on this site.
  7. Ranting and Raving!

    Ok, if you build a Jeep online, it spells out pretty clearly what each package is and what it comes with. Anyone should be able to determine that $295 for Aux switches is a freaking steal. I built mine online, ordered it, and got exactly what I asked for. I wish I had gotten proximity locks...
  8. NEW: Rear Bumper Reverse LED Lights for Jeep Gladiator

    Just ordered mine.
  9. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Can they do orange for us Mojave guys?
  10. 2021 Gladiator 50% off. 😂 $99,000. Thoughts??

    So...... Freaking.... Ghey!
  11. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    I have off roaded most all of the southwest on 35s in Wranglers, and never had a desire to move up. I spend the money on skid plates and reducing snags, keep my COG low. If you are doing a dedicated overland build, why in the world would you lift all that weight even higher?
  12. 40" tires... Talk me out of it

    This, the obsession for having the biggest tires is mind numbing to me. If your idea of off roading is the speed bumps at the mall, go for it. No way I would run more than 35's on aluminum knuckles.
  13. Goodbye Gladiator

    I bet he was drawn in by that "RANNCHO SHOCKS" guy in the ads.
  14. Gladiator hoods aluminum or steel?

    "mojave hood is a real steel" Yep, Mojave wins yet again.
  15. Negotiating on a factory build.

    Everyone wants a dealer to not make money, but then they scream loudest about quality of the after sale service. My dealer offered up 3% off invoice right off the bat on my ordered Mojave. I have relied on them for a LOT over they past half dozen Jeeps, and I wasn't going to try to crank them...
  16. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    As a retailer of high end powered goods, let me drop my 2 cents. None of us know just what happened to that truck, how it got to the point it found itself at, or what exactly was the diagnosis that was used to arrive at the decision. From my experience, even the end user cannot, many times, be...
  17. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the JT Gladiator. Available now. [Images, Videos, Sound Clips, Dyno]

    I had AWE on my Audi RS4. I can definitely vouch for the quality.
  18. 2021 Mojave Overlanding Build

    Definitely watching here. I have the Sting Gray Mojave. Mine also will be an overlanding build. I have a home in Palm Springs that we are retiring to in 3 the desert definitely plays into my future