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  1. Auto park then what

    bottom line is you did not have the seatbelt on and the door shut so it tried to protect you by putting it in park. i think its a stupid feature and would actually disable it if I could. so what happened when you put it in park, shut the door and buckled your seatbelt and tried to start it?
  2. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    It'll cost me $300 to drive there, gasoline is looking rough too. I'm hoping they get it fixed. I run a fullsize rack that goes over my softopper. I think I got some of my pricing off and I'll need to make sure they include the annex (pretty important with a family of 5 plus dogs!)
  3. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    now thats the kind of info I am looking for. No, I havent been to a dealer, nearest is 3 hours away or more. So are you saying between those two I should go with the walkabout?
  4. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    I think I have it narrowed down to the breezeway. If it's still like $300 shipped that may be a deal breaker...
  5. Rtt suggestions/opinions

  6. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    it might be coming down to these two... The Overland Vehicle Systems Normadic 4 w/annex - $1,949 shipped sleep area 75" x 94.5" 23Zero Breezeway 72 (king) - $2,000 (shipped I think) sleep area 72" x 96" im still not sure what the difference is between the breezeway and the walkabout... 🧐...
  7. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    is this the XL? Im basically just sitting here with tape measures in the living room floor trying to visualize the sleeping area's of several tents. lol My wife is just like "well we have to have the king ultra 6000" I really like the vagabond - just has that look that is nice. But I also cannot...
  8. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    ah I see, nice!
  9. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    lol nice! they drive their normal big trucks down my flat driveway all the time. I dont think id have any issues with delivering it. Im actually not sure it would fit that way on my truck because i have the softopper and cage on. but I have a trailer too so im sure it would work. so did you like...
  10. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    Could a dolly be used to make it easier? I'll just be sitting it in the garage, probably make hoist eventually. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    I'm in Kentucky. Ikamper etc are just out if my budget currently. Also I don't want to spend too much as sometimes the rest of my family may end up not liking the "rough it" aspects as much as me. Lol We want to do some runs to the beach and a few local spots where there is a campground but...
  12. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    Yeah I want the ladder inside for sure. The annex would pull double or triple duty, sleep area, hangout area. I think the roam is a good fit (in stock is a huge plus right now) but I'm not sure about getting the XL or not. I have the softopper and the datin Fabrications cage/rack I'm not...
  13. Rtt suggestions/opinions

    Well, I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a rtt. My plan is wife and small kids up top, teen and myself in an annex. I was looking at the roam vagabond w/annex. I like the layout and the black version would match my truck great. Seems to have the right balance of feature and price. $2,100...
  14. Trim Levels, is it worth it?

    I went with a Mojave but I think you can run 35's no lift easy. If I were to do it again I would consider the diesel more than I did.
  15. Okay, I may catch flak for this question, but.... where is the Sirius antenna?

    Well I have but I didn't realize that it would not effect voice command stuff. :CWL:
  16. Disposal of factory suspension?

    Make some cool garage art with it all?:)
  17. Okay, I may catch flak for this question, but.... where is the Sirius antenna?

    So if I unhook that, Sirius xm stops working? Just it just turn to static or some message about "acquiring signal"? I only like one station and only about 20% of the time. Sometimes I just want peace and quiet and I can't "pause" the radio, so I have to play pandora from the phone and hit pause...
  18. Mojave Hood Scoop MOD

    I don't think the 392 stuff will work because the air intake is on the opposite side I think.
  19. Mojave Hood Scoop MOD

    Good point!
  20. Mojave Hood Scoop MOD

    Can you leave the insulation in and just have the opening and no light? Thanks for showing the pics.