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  1. Going in for Laparoscopic hernia surgery on Monday[never had surgery before]..any advice?

    Pics of Anastasia? I'd want some pics and a good weight on her before I went under. ;) If they told you that you would be able to function when you leave just like when you came in (like they did me) they are lying sacks of shit. It will hurt and likely will for some time, I had 3 I never new...
  2. Lights and power in my ARE shell

    So to be clear, what you are calling P-track is in fact L-track, specifically angled and undrilled L-track from US cargo control in 96" lengths I cut to length. They precisely fit the relief in the bed for the factory rails and are very strong. They are attached using the factory nutserts and I...
  3. Lights and power in my ARE shell

    Kind words and thank you very much, it's a little late to chronicle those aspects of it but I will be happy to help you with any specific questions you might have. If I had it to do over again (and I might in my Power Wagon) there is not much I would do differently. It is all pretty straight...
  4. Light Bar Brands & information gathering

    KC Gravity Pro 6 with yellow Lamin-X on the 4 outer clear on the 4 inner. Make no noise that I can detect and plenty of light. I don't want them low because (A) it serves no useful function as I have plenty of low to the ground light already with LED heads and fogs (B) more susceptible to damage
  5. Jeep (doesn't) Care(s)

    I ordered a 2021 Power Wagon on Dec 4, and was told 6 weeks, it took almost 4 months. Ordering a vehicle will be an exercise in patience. Whoever you are chatting with doesn't know shit from shine-ola about when your Jeep is going to be built. Their job is to engage you and hopefully placate...
  6. Max tow max tow max tow.

    LOL. Smith and Wesson owners: "My 686 shoots as good as a Python" No Python owner ever; "My Python shoots as good as good as a 686" People trying to make almost a Rubicon out of a Max Tow is a bad look.
  7. Gladiator bent frame offroading with trailer? Why do you think this happened?

    Yeah I don't know man, it is worse on the passenger side than the driver, maybe the cab mounts are the culprit, the bed doesn't look to be bent from the tailgate pics
  8. Gladiator bent frame offroading with trailer? Why do you think this happened?

    What does the gap around the tailgate and space between the bed and bumper look like, post a pic. Did you lift it or have it done?
  9. Gladiator bent frame offroading with trailer? Why do you think this happened?

    Body is lower than the bed, the mounts would have to break or all the body mount cushions would have to fail and fall out simultaneously.Its something to look at, but I bet the bed is bent
  10. Gladiator bent frame offroading with trailer? Why do you think this happened?

    Well, either the frame is bent, the bed is bent, or something is spacing the bed up. If the gap between the bed and cab is constant it isn't the frame
  11. Gladiator bent frame offroading with trailer? Why do you think this happened?

    What is going on there did you buy it like that or did it "get" like that?
  12. As a sports car enthusiast, I am offended

    Probably the prostate massager, hair gel dispenser and suspension upgrades required to carry the massive assholes typically found in one.
  13. Tuffy Front Flip Plate

    Yes and as noted will not clear a F55 flatlink. So I bent up a new license plate holder out of hot roll that sticks out further.
  14. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    He looks like he wants you to get in and drive, seriously, like right now.
  15. Cold Air Intake...

    Manufacturer can provide flow rate. I suspect either of them provide more flow rate than the engine can consume at w.o.t. which is the measure of adequacy. Additionally restriction can and does in many cases increase charge air velocity, so provided flow rate is adequate, the box that is...
  16. Fixing Winch line attachment point

    Drive a tapered punch through the aluminum sleeve end to end, reinstall rope with good rope on both sides of the sleeve, crimp back shut with vise or similar make a hole with soldering iron ,trim back to end of sleeve
  17. 2021 Bronco

    Well I can only speak for myself, and will not make ridiculous projections, but Bronco specifically and Ford as a whole offers nothing that I want. Ford has not produced even one single Bronco for retail sale, there is nothing but promotion and hype at this point. FCA has been delivering...
  18. 2021 Bronco

    Ford is chasing FCA, not the other way around. FCA doesn't need to do anything Ford does, they are killing it. The people demanding a bargain level Rubicon or a 2 door Gladiator wouldn't and/or couldn't buy one if they made one.