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  1. What's everyone's plans for GTW?

    Ted I agree 100% Friday was not terrible but Sat went to hell in a handbasket. If someone didn't know it was Jeep weekend they would have thought it was spring break.
  2. What's everyone's plans for GTW?

    So Friday was kinda slow I would say PG rated. Seems more side by sides and golf carts than Jeeps. Here are a few pictures.
  3. What's everyone's plans for GTW?

    Well we are here with our other Village Idiot Jeep Club members
  4. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Hydro at the beach with his other Village Idiot Jeep Club members.
  5. Finally.....

    Congrats!! Another Texas Gladiator!!
  6. What's everyone's plans for GTW?

    Well I am not holding my breathe we are still going down only because of where the house is located that we are staying at. I will try and update daily I should be on Crystal Beach by noon on Friday!
  7. The Philistine thread - non-lifted Gladiators and not likely to be, either

    I am not planning on a lift but I did put on the 1.5 leveling kit and when my tires wear out I want to put some aftermarket wheels and 285/75/18 ATs on.
  8. Went topless for the first time and found this...

    Looks like we all need to go check!
  9. New LED headlamps

  10. New LED headlamps

    Looks great do you have a part #?
  11. What's everyone's plans for GTW?

    We will be at Crystal Beach only because my wife's cousin has a beach house. It will be our first year, we have been to Dayton bike weeks several times so hopefully we will not be too surprised.
  12. Newb from Texas

    Welcome from Magnolia Tx.
  13. Broke my first thing....

    I almost broke mine trying to put it back on realized I could not see straight (lol) waited till next morning went right back in!
  14. Low Tire Pressure Alarm Driving to Drink

    When i got mine tire pressure was just over 40 i aired down to 34 psi. No alarms and no tazer. I would check and see if you could reset by pulling a fuse, if not take it to the stealer.
  15. Best fitting all weather floor mats?

    I also went with smartliners front back and bed mat!
  16. Rough Country .75 inch Spacers vs Teraflex 1 inch Spacers

    Nope just 3 bolts remove the spring and put it back together. You will need a jack stand, floor jack, 15 mm, 18mm and 22mm sockets.
  17. Rough Country .75 inch Spacers vs Teraflex 1 inch Spacers

    I have an 80th also put the 1.5 teraflex and it is just about level. I did put 20 bags of mulch in the back but i really did not see much drop in the back. Most of the time my bed is empty.
  18. Ok I’m back in the Jeep world. Doing it again!

    I agree with JCHGlad buy rubi or mojave
  19. Why didn't jeep create a digital center speedo

    oh crap i typed in the quote oh well!