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    I agree price is too high compared to competition i.e. factor 55 or warn
  2. Willys Grill Color Killing Me!!

    Your not alone I think it looks fine. On my second Willey's
  3. Willys Grill Color Killing Me!!

    We just got our second Willey's. The first was a JK and the new one is a JL. Both the surround and grill gloss black. On the first one I never even noticed the surround until I saw a youtuber put the mat black grill on his sport. He pointed out on rubicon and overland you don't need to order the...
  4. 2022 Rumors?

    I ordered a JLU Willys and paid approximately 5% below dealer cost which approximated a 10% discount off sticker plus no doc fee. JLU should be in in about 3 weeks. Two other dealers also discounted just not as much. As an fyi I had Tread Lightly membership.
  5. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    While fluid film works in the short term first five years it ages badly and is a bitch to remove. I would just wax regularly three to four times a year with a top quality wax like Meguires.
  6. Jeep Gladiator 4xe Hybrid PHEV confirmed in the works - by Jeep President Christian Meunier

    The 4xe is already online in us for build and presume ordering. Built one last night. There are three models of wranglers
  7. Safety Packages?

    Personally when I order my Gladiator I don't want any of the nanny stuff. It's one more thing to break and I don't use it anyway. I'm old school I've cruise control on my cars going back who knows how long and I never use it, I'll drive my own car. Our current JK has crank windows. I've put...
  8. Sirius Renewal Offers?

    Even if you miss the resubscibe notice you can call and they will give you a better deal. That's how i learned the first year.
  9. Sirius Renewal Offers?

    Just call them and threaten to cancel, you'll get a deal. I bet if you called right now and threatened to cancel both they will give you a deal on both. You can do this anytime. It's quite easy actually.
  10. Sirius Renewal Offers?

    I've had Sirius in our JK for six years. Every year I get a renewal notice for full price which is around $240.00 for the year. I call them and tell them I'm going to cancel and I always get their promotional rate which is around $99.00 per year it takes about five minutes. I've never paid full...
  11. Employee Pricing for all (2021 Models)

    When ever I've gone into a dealer to buy a car I've always gotten financing approval on my own, usually through AAA. Usually at that point the dealer has matched it or did better if they want the financing as they seem to be able to kick back some of their fee to the bank to lower the rate if...
  12. Gladiator Launch editions out of commision

    Tried to buy from Kelly Jeep once they didn't want to make a deal. Bought from Jeep 24 in Brockton, 2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys, their service is good and their service writers are not pushy. They stand behind their work and have a generous warranty, definitely no complaints. Assuming they still...