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  1. 2021 Jeep Frustrated & Disappointed Owner

    Have you checked the latest JD Power rankings, Jeep is actually higher than Honda. My previous truck, a Ridgeline, was in the shop 3 times within the first few months of ownership due to electical issues - I became very familiar with every light indicator. Toyota is still up there.
  2. Simply The Best spring sale!!

    Mine arrived Saturday.
  3. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks for the great service, ordered my Bestop Softopper Thursday at lunch time and it’s already been delivered.
  4. Disappointed and sad . My gladiator is dead and sold

    You got that right. My last Ridgeline went bonkers 3 different times and wouldn't start - always at the worst time - resulting in 3 trips to the dealership, loaners, multiple calls to Honda (Lincoln plant is down the road) before they figured it out. Never trusted it after that. Vehicle was...
  5. Alpine speaker bar upgrade

    No, do the math with all in for Alpine kit costing $449 - after the mounting brackets for $99 via Crutchfiled that leaves you $350 for speakers. My Focals were $269, Alpine reference are only $249. Marine grade not required unless you plan on getting them wet. There are a number of really...
  6. Alpine speaker bar upgrade

    IMOH - No. You can order any 6x9 (at whatever cost) and a mount/bracket kit from Crutchfield for $99. For the price of the Alpine kit you can get some pretty nice speakers for less depending on what you are after. The cutting of a larger opening isn't hard (I used a Dremel) and is unchanged...
  7. Gladiator Ownership: Day 1...

    Thought for sure you were going to tells us your windshield was cracked on the way home. Congrats on your purchase, loving mine.
  8. Stinger Off Road 10” Radio Replacement

    As do I, can start it a few minutes before leave the office for the night and its ready for the trip home. Used it a few times to make sure I didn't leave it unlocked heading into the office early in the morning (no coffee yet), and using Alexa to start it as I put the tie on before leaving the...
  9. New Jeep owners extended genuine MoPar warranty offers

    Chrysler-Factory-Warranty a month ago for my High Altitude, Max Care, $200 deductible, 7yrs/85k for $1199. They were great to work with, received my paperwork from them within days, less than few weeks before I received everything (including wallet card) from Mopar. If someone said I could...
  10. Speaker upgrade coming

    I did the 6.5" upgrade for my sound bar last weekend. Dremmel to cut the new opening and $99 brackets from Crutchfield coupled with a pair of Focals from Crutchfield as well. They include the wire harnesses you will need for free. Takes a few minutes to get comfortable cutting into your...
  11. Driver's side knee panel speaker removal...WTF???

    I got some 3.5" Kickers from Crutchfield, easy install. I am keeping 2 in the front dash, but ordered some 6.5" Alpine Reference from Crutchfield along with the "speaker mounts" for the soundbar. Will be cutting the plastic this weekend. Decided that was a better route for sound quality then...
  12. Driver's side knee panel speaker removal...WTF???

    I just did my 4 "tweeters" this weekend, replacing them with 4 midrange/tweeter combos. Nice sound upgrade. Maybe the instructions from Crutchfield I got may be helpful or not. Don't have the energy to tackle the knee panel speakers.
  13. Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield Replacement Now Available For JT Gladiator

    Since moving to Alabama years ago I have lost count how many cracked windshields (none involved a Jeep, past or present vehicles) I have had and my commute to work is very short. Given this thread on others on the forum windshield related, I ordered the Racing Optics product for $175 hoping to...
  14. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    ‘21 High Altitude - coming from 15 years of Ridgelines, with a short Mini Cooper Convertible detour, what was I thinking? Now I’m back to a truck and have a convertible.